Date: 18th July 2015 at 4:52pm
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There are jitters amongst fans – well-meaning fans – that Chelsea is having an almost non-existent transfer window.

On the back of a double winning season where new players were brought in with the speed of thunder, the upcoming season appears a stark contrast with the club only replacing the departed legends – Drogba and Cech.

But then I ask, is the club taking things for granted?

My initial answer was YES. Carlo’s second season (10/11) and Jose’s third (06/07) came to mind when we had mediocre transfer windows after a period of success which eventually came back to bite us and led to the eventually dismissal of the two managers as well as the lavish purchase of El-Nino and David Luiz, both now departed, in 2011.

On second thoughts however, it would appear this season is different from those previous seasons and instead of being lackadaisical, the dynamics of this present transfer market as well as the nature of our present squad means the club is taking a more measured approached to transfers.

If we look at our rivals and the key signings they have made-has Chelsea missed out on anything?

Schweinstieger– ?16 million in transfer fees – ?4 million as sign-on fee – 180k a week for 3 years. He is 31 years, and had some fitness issues over the past two years. The key questions is now that Bayern is about so sign Vidal from Juve, are they stronger or weaker?-We’ll agree the answer is the former, which suggests Bayern were probably happy to offload Schweinsteiger despite all the PR, with Manure a little desperate with those terms.

Sterling -£44m pounds, £5m add-ons 180k a week for 5 years — I have nothing to say about this deal other than good luck to City with those terms they offered Raheem.

Schneiderlein — 5 year deal 150k a week? That’s about how much Fabregas and Costa earns — if he were to come here, I don’t think we’ll offer him that salaries because he won`t start all matches. To add, how much is Oscar, Willian, Matic, Brana, Mikel, Ramires on? — No way we pay him that amount (probably the reason Arsenal pulled out).

I don’t want to talk about Delph although it`s important to note City offered him 100k a week! I think it is safe to say even if we had bid for any of these players, we most likely would have lost out because Chelsea has evolved from 2004, and we likely won`t match most of these ridiculous terms.

More importantly, If I were in Jose’s shoes as the defending champion — I could take a reactive stance and ‘ll likely keep a range of targets close to my chest, have a sense of where my competitors are headed, then make my moves — like a strategist in the art of war.

I believe this is where this season is different from 2007 and 2010. We have grown as a club (Remember the Robinho fiasco?) and I believe we will still sign 2-3 players before the window closes.

Over the past 2-3 days, I must say more credible rumours of players like Stones, Witsel, Pedro, Rogmali and Greizmann have re-emerged and I expect movements soon-maybe as early as next week, maybe towards the end of the window. But I am convinced we will strengthen and we will be fine.

Let`s show some patience as fans — I know it`s getting pretty hard-but we need to support the club and pull together. I don’t believe for one moment the rumour that Mou was unhappy with the board as per signings. It’s the UK journos connecting the dots and doing their thing in a bid to sell papers.

I have watched every day of preseason on Chelsea TV in Montreal and Mou looks as motivated as ever, drilling the players. I am sure he has a plan together with the club.

Let`s wait and see.

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