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Chelsea v Everton – Match Day Moments


This evening, as the 2020 / 2021 season continues at a high pace, Chelsea welcome Everton, to Stamford Bridge, for a Premier League fixture.

The 2020 / 2021 season is certainly throwing up some shocks, most notably being the fall from grace of the reigning champions, Liverpool.

Everton, managed by the former Chelsea boss, Carlo Ancelotti, have had a good start to the season and are in with a good chance of grabbing a top-four finish.

In normal times, pre-Covid-19 pandemic, Ancelotti would have received a great reception from the Stamford Bridge faithful after his achievements in the Stamford Bridge hot seat before being cruelly axed.

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The game has every chance of being a thriller and Thomas Tuchel’s side, who remain unbeaten since the German took over, will have be on top of their game to keep that record intact.

As is the norm, we are running our Match Day Moments feature where we invite you to have your say, in our comment facility, on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to:

1 – The build-up to the big game.

2 – The starting XI selected by Thomas Tuchel

3 – The action as it happens at Stamford Bridge.

4 – Your thoughts in the period that follows the sounding of the final whistle.

Fingers crossed that all goes to plan tonight, and that Chelsea get the three points on offer and continue to hunt down a top four finish.

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  • ZeeNut says:

    1-0 at the half. We have dominated, but not been good enough in the final 3rd.

  • ZeeNut says:

    We need these 3 PTS given that ManU, Leicester above us & Spurs below us all got wins …. Any dropped points hereon could be the difference between a CL place & missing out.
    Which for us is so crucial if we are to attract top talent as we did in last year’s window.

  • ZeeNut says:

    Hopefully we get a 2 goal cushion early in the 2nd. This will make them chase the game & open up more opportunities for us.

  • ZeeNut says:

    Wasn’t happy seeing Mount rested for such a crucial game, but yes, he certainly has earned a breather

  • ZeeNut says:

    2-0 it ends …. We keep up the chase on Leicester & ManU while pulling ahead a few PTS ahead of Everton, Spurs etc …. That was a much easier win than I could have imagined, Everton were so tame in the 1st half, when they finally decided to play in the 2nd we were equal to the task.

  • ZeeNut says:

    Kai Havertz had a much better game today ….. Maybe he’s finally coming good for us. If his form continues, Tuchel has major decisions on whom to bench among the attackers . Pulisic hasn’t really had a run under Tuchel, with Kai’s showing today, he might have to wait longer .

  • Ridwan Yusuf says:

    Congratulations to all the Chelsea family tonight. Players, management and fans alike. Onwards and upwards we keep moving

  • Ridwan Yusuf says:

    Honestly I had doubts about whether we could get all 3pts against this well drilled Everton side but all my fears were allayed with another brilliant performance. 2-0 is flattering to them as we should have converted at the very least 3 more chances. I think CHO plays his best football on the left wing forward as he played a near perfect game tonight. Timo is getting into good positions and all that he’s missing is his scoring touch. Kai, for me , was incredible. He managed to play his best game in a Chelsea shirt against the most physical opponent we have faced this season. What’s he gonna be like when he adapts his game?
    A lot of people are still bitter about Lamps being hooked early and not given enough time, but the truth is that the affection for Lamps and what he’s achieved as a player cloud their judgement of the decision. He was not ready for the Chelsea job yet and he couldn’t let the opportunity slide. But with the same playing staff, Tuchel is churning out results after result and we are gradually getting better in the little time Tuchel has been here

  • ZeeNut says:

    Westham have kept pace with us … This year the top-4 will be decided by the closest of margins , there may even be a tie for 4th for all you know. Our Goal Diff continues to be good but with Spurs scoring at will last few matches, we need to up our scoring too.

  • ZeeNut says:

    Merlin … Hope you are OK ? No new threads for a month now .

  • ZeeNut says:

    Huge dropped points today. Tuchel made a mistake starting Mount in a midfield 2 instead of allowing him to operate further forward where he is most dangerous. And so also having Alonso in place of Chilwell , another mistake. We always underestimate lower table opposition.

  • ZeeNut says:

    And then making substitutions 10 minutes later than he should have (and not the right ones).

  • ZeeNut says:

    Champions League Champions 2021 !!

    Pity no Vital Chelsea thread like in 2012 !!

    Seriously hope Merlin is well.

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