Date: 20th July 2018 at 5:40pm
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It appears that one of Chelsea’s Brazilian contingent is intent on leaving Stamford Bridge.

We had hoped that following the axing of Antonio Conte and the appointment of Maurizio Sarri, Willian might be persuaded to think again.

But, according to the media source, the Sun, the 29-year-old is still more than keen to move to pastures new.

Aware that there was speculation relating to three of his star players possibly wanting to move away from the club, Sarri had asked that they train with him for a week before coming to a decision, indicating that he believed a week would be sufficient enough for him to show them that he could improve their game.

But, whilst previously, we’ve inferred that we’d be reticent to see Willan leave Chelsea Football Club, perhaps we should also point out that if a players’ heart is no longer with the club then he should be moved on.

As the transfer deadline looms large on the horizon, can you see Willian wearing a Chelsea shirt next season or has his time with the club come to an end?

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29 Replies to “Chelsea Winger Insists He Wants To Leave Stamford Bridge”

  • If Chelsea can offer him a first team chance, i will definitely stay. He only needs to be playing regular. I love William.

  • Let them go. I mean Hazard, William and Courtois. Their complaints have become a burden. Chelsea has stars before they came and will not lack even now. Many players will definitely step up. So, let’s collect 200 for Hazard, 80 for William and 50 million for Courtois because his contract is winding up. If Chelsea doesn’t know how to sell players they should please meet Daniel Levy of Tottenham. He buys a player for 10Million and sells for 100 million

  • Those that always talk about leaving Chelsea to Real Madrid are Hazard and Tibo not Willian. I think it is disrespectful to Chelsea FC by always professing their love and dream of playing for R Madrid. Two of them are replaceable. Let them know that our most important player right now is Kante.

  • If you ppl love Willian so much you should learn once and for all that he is not William ffs!!!

  • j agree with phil let these shits go .see if they get away with the shit they have give the club and managers cry cry cry before they leave if its been so bad leave your medals at the doar real madrid WILL NOT STAND FOR YOUR SHIT 1 GOOD GAME 2 BAD GAMES COURTIOUS TELLS THE WORLD IF SHOOTINGS GO BETWEEN MY LEGS IAM NO GOOD AT STOPING THEM SHOTS IAM TO TALL .THE GRASS ALWAYS LOOKS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE UNTIL YOU GET THERE

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