Date: 6th November 2017 at 7:56am
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Going to sleep, content with life as a Chelsea supporter once again, I wondered what media nonsense I`d wake up to read. The journo`s and pundit`s that have put so much negative spin on Chelsea`s season so far, must be able to think up something to satisfy their thirst for Chelsea`s demise.

Surprisingly, there`s very little to be able to pick up on. Obviously, there`s handshake-gate with Conte preferring to celebrate the win with his players rather than Jose Mourinho. Here`s as manager who knows how to take high moral ground and divert attention where he wants.

The Man Utd one, waited at the final whistle for Conte to come over, but being an ex-player, Conte was always going to look to the crowd and his players before Jose. Before the game began Mourinho waited at the top of the tunnel to greet the Chelsea tea, as they ran out onto the pitch, knowing full well it would invoke a reaction. Gary Cahill, with his game face on, ignored his ex-manager, as did Eden Hazard, who completely blanked him.

Meanwhile as the game began, the pundits were desperate for Nemanja Matic to turn in a match-winning performance. Sadly for them, he didn`t. Matic`s most fervent supporter Phil Neville, was asked on Twitter if there were going to be any ‘funny Matic jokes`, following the game. Neville has thanked Chelsea for selling the Serb to United countless times this season. His reply to the question posed by one of his followers,

`Not tonight mate, I`m quite happy @Everton won.`

Tiemoue Bakayoko, effectively Matic`s replacement, turned himself into a rampaging midfielder, finding himself in areas of the pitch he rarely sees. Quite often, in yesterday`s game, he was the furthest Chelsea player forward. His only let down, in what was probably his best game at Chelsea, was his finishing. Something he, himself alluded to on his Instagram account.

Prior to the game, comparisons were bound to be drawn between Alvaro Morata and Romelu Lukaku. It`s believed, although we don`t really know, that Antonio Conte favoured Lukaku over Morata in the summer`s transfer dealings. Chelsea`s move for the Belgian international fell through when the club, allegedly, refused to pay a vast fee to Lukaku`s agent, Mino Raiola, to cement the deal.

Morata was bought in, and despite a poor spell of form following his hamstring injury, yesterday`s winning goal should set him back on course. Lukaku, who also came into the game out of form, continued in that vein. Lukaku hasn`t scored since the end of September.

Looking beyond the international break that is now upon us, with N`golo Kante back and fit, Chelsea looked rejuvenated against United. Once the domestic program resumes, Chelsea will be able to move forward with Antonio Conte is full command. An added bonus also, is one the ‘kids`, in Andreas Christensen is cementing a place in the starting XI and the scolded David Luiz sitting in the stands in his ‘civvies`, has some serious thinking to do.

Antonio Conte has laid down the law and proved once again who is in charge of the Chelsea dressing room. Let us just hope, that for once, those on high at the club, support the manager rather than the players. Chelsea`s ‘awful` season continues with them two points off second place in the Premier League and still competing in all other competitions. Long may this season continue then.


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  • Magnificent effort and win by the lads after the Roma debacle. It was a total team effort. We can still improve further. But this was a massive 3 points. #upthechels.

  • Our best performance this season. Better than our performance against Atletico considering all circumstances. We were on the ropes. He fought back and delivered a KO. Brilliant!

  • I think Bakayoko was far better than Matic in yesterday’s match. He tick the boxes and cover every path of the pitch. He was everywhere intercepting anything on his way. Good performance dou need to do more in front of goal.

  • Things getting interesting pretty quickly. EMENALO HAS RESIGNED OR HAS HE BEEN SACKED? I dont know. But Mike Emenalo is leaving chelsea after 10 years t the club. Very difficult to understand what is really happening at chelsea, really really difficult. Does this mean Roman is backing Conte fully? hmmm…….

  • Critical 3pts as we will be fighting spurs, manU, arse & pool for places 2-4 & it will be tough …city don’t look catchable at the moment , but let’s see … Fingers crossed

  • Critical 3pts as we will be fighting spurs, manU, arse & pool for places 2-4 & it will be tough …city don’t look catchable at the moment , but let’s see … Fingers crossed

  • Or maybe Roman was really and truly not happy with the way our transfer window went…This is going to be interesting

  • The media is reporting his departure as a major blow to Chelsea? These guys will never stop amazing me.

  • Hope the departure of Emenalo will herald a new and prosperous era in our history. We won a lot of trophies while he was around but at the same time, many managers were sacked, and we lacked stability and balance. Too early to predict what will be the ramifications of his departure. Hoping for the best. KTBFFH

  • One thing’s for sure, something really BIG must have happened behind the scenes that caused his sudden departure while we are in the middle of a season . . . after a massive match . . . while we are struggling and facing challenging situations (injuries, losses, etc).

  • Emenalo is going to Monaco, the alleged reason he stepped down, is he became tired of being the middleman between Conte and Granovskaia . Unless we appoint a football man or someone like Carlo,this leaves more power in the hands of Granovskaia, which is the last thing we want .

  • It is now official on chelsea website. While no one knows the exact details. it is pretty much clear that Emenalo was not sacked, it is he himself who took the decision to step down. I can understand If Emenalo actually felt a little frustrated…. His role is not really clear but I am sure he had a hand in identifying talents like KDB/Salah/Lukaku/Christensen/Moses. Some of these Players were seen as “not good enough” by the first team coaches, they were sold and have become world class talents afterwards. Maybe this hurts him a lot and he knows that will not change soon . Early rumour has it that Emenalo is Monaco bound. The move will make a lot of sense from his perspective. That is a club that will give the talents he identifies proper game time in the first team and not ship them out on loan endlessly LOL

  • Wonder what this means for our youth ?, Granovskaia being top banana may not bode well for us, or maybe we have another transfer ban coming, we are being investigated by Fifa, in case we all forgot.

  • Spot on techie: and guess what it is? That Conte was “lucky’ to win this one without Luiz but at some point that omission will bring him down!! You can’t make it up! But tell that to the media because that’s EXACTLY what they’re doing!

  • The ramifications regarding Emenalo’s departure will be manifested by the end of the January transfer window. But then, Roman always has many tricks up his sleeves and he might surprise us again

  • The ramifications regarding Emenalo’s departure will be manifested by the end of the January transfer window. But then, Roman always has many tricks up his sleeves and he might surprise us again

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