Date: 12th January 2018 at 12:54pm
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Those of you who might be wondering as to why the development of Stamford Bridge has appeared to stall, might find the following interesting.

It would appear that the development is being held up by one crucial problem, a solitary dwelling that will be deprived of light.

It seems that this dwelling, a cottage, is situated the other side of the railway line and in a different borough.

However, the towering development that the new Stamford Bridge will be, will deprive the Crosthwaites of light in the residence they have lived in for the past fifty years.

Naturally, Chelsea have tried to mediate and have offered the family substantial amounts of money to seek legal advice and also as compensation for their lack of light once the new development is completed.

However, Chelsea have now asked the local council to intervene in an attempt to prevent the referenced family seeking an injunction to half the development of our new home.

Unless the stand-off can be resolved, there is the risk that the development might never be undertaken plus there`s also the growing problem of the longer any work is delayed the higher the costs will spiral.


3 Replies to “Chelsea`s Ground Development Problem”

  • A simple alternative solution, would be to put a 3rd tier on the MH stand, knock down the Shed end completely, along with the Hotel and then build a new 3 tier Shed end mirroring the new MH end. Problem solved, 58k, no need to move to Wembley for 4 years and would be a third of the cost. Taking away any danger of having to borrow £1billion, which somehow we would have to pay back, which could put us back to where we were 40 years ago.

  • The cover over the tracks to extend the East Stand would actually not block out any sunlight as it would be north of the cottage. The tracks run in a mostly northward or north westerly direction so how the residents of the cottage can say the cover of them would block out sunlight (London is of course in the northern hemisphere for any ficko Gooners or Mancs) is something perhaps that the local council and the club should take into consideration when looking at the validity of this claim. Any sunlight would come from where the photograph was taken and that would not be hindered by the cover over the tracks. Mr. Abramovic can send me a cheque for my consultancy fee and a free season ticket in the hospitality suites.

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