Date: 3rd February 2019 at 9:43am
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Okay, Chelsea may have hammered a poor Huddersfield Town side, 5-0, with the pressure easing slightly on Maurizio Sarri, but, with a tough run of fixtures coming up this month, I have this gut feeling that the Italian is set to be exposed badly.

That same gut feeling tells me that Sarri won’t be in the managerial chair come to the start of next season, his ‘Sarriball’ is, as teams are sussing out, a flawed system in the hustle and bustle of the Premier League.

Which, if I’m correct, will leave Chelsea looking for yet another manager.

Flicking through the media this morning, the news source, the Express, appears to be thinking along the same lines as myself.

However, in doing so, our referenced source is implying that Chelsea could be set to go head-to-head with Manchester United, for the services of Mauricio Pochettino.

Now, we’re pretty certain such a piece of speculation will outrage the Tottenham support, the thought of them losing their manager to one of their London rivals will outrage them.

Some people might ponder on why Chelsea might be tempted to replace one manager who has yet to win a major trophy with another of such ilk.

But, in all honesty, they’re like chalk and cheese are they not!

Would the surprise appointment of Maurizio Pochettino get your approval?

Please feel free to drop your view into the comment facility beneath this article.

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4 Replies to “Chelsea’s Next Choice Of Manager Could Outrage Tottenham Supporters”

  • I am dissapointed in u Merlin….yes we did lose some games in a painful way but if u look at d matches we have lost dis season it’s been more of the players not sticking to instructions and not playing wit passion and dts where I fault sarri’s…apart from dat,Liverpool , Tottenham,and mancity all have sarriball as their main philosophy and of recent man UTD… Are u sure u r really a Chelsea fan? Sir Alex Ferguson’s man UTD didn’t do well in his ist 2years in charge of Dem…u r a dissapointed to of a fan uncle Merlin for saying sarri’s shud b sacked…..a disgrace of a true blue fan

  • You all are saying kante shud b moved back to his original position yet in kante’s life as a footballer dis is d season where he has scored up to four goals and also has many assists… If u really claim to know bout sarri’s football philosophy u wud know dat he used Allan in d same position as kante’s to brake up play….the only position which is making Chelsea look stewpid in midfield is d 3rd attacking midfield role of which kovacic is not at all suited to ,Barkley has to improve more der…d only player with d finesse of how hamsik was in dat role for Napoli is loftus cheek …he is d best suited player der but gas not developed fully his defensive side of d game….d players have been d one letting d club down….sarri’s football is to trust d next player to give u d ball but just stay in ur position and pass d ball quickly without hesitation…but hazard and William have failed to so such thus making us predictable in d final 3rd….D coach has identified this and Is painfully taking his time to correct these errors of which we all know d wall of China wasn’t built in a day…we talking of players who luv to dribble for fun…but dey must adapt becus sarriball is based on cooperation and team work….. U don’t have to call for d sack of sarri becus he a fucking good coach,d players shud prove Dem selves to b professionals and become open to playing onetouch football and quick passing rather Dan dribbling all d time or trying to impress demselves….sarri’s only fault is he shud look for a away aggressively to motivate this players,and again he shud get his team selection right for different opponents…Barkley is d only player dat sticks to instructions,apart from rudiger,jkepa,jorginho,and higuain d rest r not….

  • has the time to call for his sack come? I don’t think so,,, but the bulk of the blame still be on sari…. I don’t care what or how people see his sarriball,,,, sarri is too sentimental to be a coach and I personally don’t see him as a coach that will ever win a trophy in his managerial life time…… now let me break this statistic down,,, one of the major reasons kovacic gets to starts against any opponent of ours ahead of loftus cheek is purely bc he was bought by sarri. am I insinuating that loftus cheek is batter than kovacic? definitely no. but am long as attacking midfield role is concerned loftus cheek towers over kovacic like a collusus,despite the limited opportunity granted to loftus ,he has managed to totally outscored both Barkley and kovacic,,, if football there say is about statistic, then what statistic are to us as a prerequisite to claim that a guy on loan from another club should b starting ahead of our BOY, is kovacic the best chance creator in cfc midfield? no,…is he the best ball interceptor? goal threat? zero,…. as poor as kante has been in his new role, he has managed to chip in some goals and a few assist, to show that he is evolving and improving. what has kovacic improved on ever since he been in Chelsea? nothing, no wonder Chelsea scored 5 goals in a game he didn’t start……. still on sarri being our problem rather than our player, sarri has brainstormed the whole Chelsea fans into believing that ODOI HUGDON can’t get in his starting XI bc of his defensive deficiency…. and my question is. how old was Hazard when he single handly won France league for Lille?How old was mbappe when he was integrated into Monaco’s starting XI and subsequently won Monaco the league? Manchester United has been on a winning streak for a while basically bc of RASHFORD impeccable form despite his young age rather than SANCHEZ’S old age experience and defensive nous,…… in conclusion,what I am saying is that sarri is too favouritic in his selection and I wonder how his players will get motivation..WILLIAN and PEDRO are both finished,,, a player should merit his place based on performance and not bc he is tall/short,old/young,black/white

  • Another manager linked to us is Brendan Rogers, which would be a downgrade on Sarri, I’m not even a Sarri fan, but to be fair he had little or no pre-season, with half the team on holiday after the World Cup . The task for Sarri is keep us in the top 4, which is not easy with United breathing down our necks or win the Europa League, also not easy with Arsenal and Sevilla there .
    If we miss champions league and lose CHO and Hazard in the summer, he is gone . No chance Poch would even entertain joining us, he is probably off to United or Real , he would never go to a local rival anyway . I hate to say this but I heard a few weeks back that Brendan Rogers was on the short list, and don’t forget we have a transfer ban on the way, we also have to reduce our loan players per FIFA. rules . Next manager is going to have a huge job on his hands , and I don’t think many managers want this job anymore , High expectations, possibly no transfers, many players leaving , the sack looming over your head .

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