Date: 13th August 2017 at 1:08pm
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After spending two consecutive seasons on loan with Borussia Monchengladbach, Andreas Christensen now has an early chance to show Chelsea supporters just how highly rated he is.

With Gary Cahill on the receiving end of what many perceive was a harsh red-card, midway through the first-half, our club captain will be suspended for the next three games.

As a result, Christensen now has three games to show what he can offer.

Coming on in place of young Jeremie Boga, to shore up the defence, Christensen played his part in trying to repair the damage caused by that 3-0 first-half deficit.

Capable on the ball, the 21-year-old looked comfortable bringing the ball out of the defence and is more than likely set to play in a back three that will also include David Luiz and Cesar Azpilicueta.

After the games, Andreas had a few words for the media relating to what happened against Burnley, remarking,

‘Everyone knows what’s happened today. We are proud of our second half, we fought well, but we’d made it difficult for ourselves. Now we have to look forward.

‘It felt like, once we scored our first, the belief grew in the stadium and the noise, everything, went to a higher level. In the end we could have got something from the game.

‘We have to work in our next game at Tottenham how we played in the second half today.’

We sure do and it`s time a new hero emerged from the background, could that hero be Andreas Christensen?


18 Replies to “Christensen – A Chance to Shine?”

  • I’m still confused on the disallowed goal. Was Morata offside when Christenson shot the ball, or did he touch it on the way in? Either way, the kid showed his mettle yesterday. He is a better defender than John Stones, but in the same mould.

  • I hope by the time cahil comes back from his 3 game suspension, there’s no room for him. I expect christensen to take him out of the team for a long while.

  • I think that’s a little harsh. He’s won almost everything that there is to win with the club. He’s got his place. However, like every player, he’s also got his weaknesses. I’d rather see the right balance of players to mask those weaknesses, than to wholesale replace anyone, and pretend that no other weaknesses exist.

  • my own opinion is I pray cahil doesn’t play after his ban. he’s the weak link in our defence. he’s prone to errors. I saw christensen play and guy that lad is the real deal. composure and precise and he’s still improving. I trust in christensen and I believe he can keep cahil out for a long time. that’s if conte uses merit to select he’s team.

  • AC was quite good especially as he was literally thrown into the deep water with no pre warning. On the goal that was another example of the bias of the refeering team because they claim that AC was essentially passing to Morata who touched it last before the ball entered the net..the problem with that is 1. Morata and AC were onside prior to ACs shot and 2. i honestly doubt that the linesman could see Morata move after ACs shot because of the all the bodies in the box..essentially the linesman guesses that Morata must have been of when he likely does not see it rather than giving the benefit of the doubt to the attacking player as the play book dictates. This is bolstered by the fact that it appears the ref initially seems to indicate it is a goal only for the linesman flag to go up after rather than before the fact 3. I understand Morata’s instincts as a striker but we got punished for that as ACs shot appears to have been headed into the far left side of the goal anyway had Morata just left it alone. All in all it is a summary of how literally everything yesterday conspired to ensure we lost that match.

  • Guys, Christenson is the real deal on the ball, but he needs some time in the gym. He’s a little lightweight, and needs some bully strength. You can’t phase out Cahill just yet. He’s a big solid fella, and despite his weaknesses, he’s been in the starting XI for plenty of matches that went to clean sheet. Zouma would be an upgrade, once he gets some game time. (hopefully, his loan goes well)

  • I agree with you @GabeU on the shot being in the goal, but striker instinct taking over. I almost thought he may have been trying to keep the defender off the ball, but couldn’t tell. (it was clearly going in) Couldn’t really make out whether he was offside or not. Can’t really go with you on the referee conspiracy journey. But yesterday should have given us all kinds of good feelings about our striker.

  • solid7 christensen is the deal. you always mourn when someone suggest opposite to you. christensen is better than cahil in passes so if we are using a cahil that’s not good at distributing of passes why can’t we use christensen? and cahil is even prone to a mistake every now and then.

  • @Timi Ramsey – in case you don’t know how to have a good conversation, there’s a formula called “point/counterpoint”. In your world view, you make a point, and it’s absolute. In the real world, other people are allowed to make a positive counterpoint. I counter your negativity with a positive. Because if we allowed only the negative points to stand, only the dumb people in the world would be heard. Not everything in the world is doom and gloom, little buddy. There’s still some positives to draw. Besides, nobody said that Christenson is bad. He’s great. But he’s a stickman. Cahill is an immovable wall. See the two players, and recognize the difference. We need the depth, so the smart thing to do, is find a way that capitalizes on the strengths of both players. Of course, that’s such a stupid thought, that I’m sure that you disagree…

  • solid7 u always claim people to be negative when they counter your view. I didn’t say cahil shouldn’t be in the squad. I just felt he should be replaced by christensen because he’s more mobile and reliable. what makes my view negative simply because I prefer christensen and yours positive for preferring cahil?

  • The same thing that constitutes me “mourning” when other people have a different point of view. If you’d stop for a second, you’ll see that I mostly agree with you. I just think that this squad can ill afford a lack of leadership, and certain other qualities that this player brings. It’s my point of view, and it doesn’t invalidate yours. If we’re doing this thing right, we should be making each other think, not fighting for supremacy. The only time somebody is wrong, is when they’re wrong. And that must be qualified with facts. This is not that case.

  • I love Christensen as much as anybody, and am so glad he have him, but Cahill reads the game better right now, he has more experience and he will put his body on the line. Sure he has howlers, so does Luis, and lets not even mention our GK. Cahill can also be a game changer, got a few vital goals last season also . He still has a couple of good years left before the body clock runs down. Christensen will also get games, no chance Luis and Cahill remain injury or suspension free all season .

  • Hell of a fight, though. It’s one positive to see that fighting spirit come through. Technically, we could have equalized through the Christenson goal. That would have been three goals in from a deficit squad. If we could get that out of 11 players, all the time, it would be amazing. I want to keep that thought.

  • Cahill for me has had more good solid performances than bad he is still a good defender however he lost his head unfortunately so it’s a good chance for christensen to show his worth,maybe it’s times like this when one of our youngsters gets his chance when otherwise he wouldn’t get one could be a key moment in his career

  • When are we gonna talk about how T-bo, that dude has been *****ty since the end of that 13 game winning run last season.

  • What do you mean “since”? The defence made him look good. Having to do actual work really exposes him, doesn’t it? Anybody know when the last time he kept out a penalty?

  • Pray he starts and didn’t even fuss when he was subbed unlike Boga. Three games against some top opposition and if he does well, who knows what happens to CAHILL? All we can ask for is meritocracy is enforced within the squad.

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