Date: 6th December 2017 at 1:09pm
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With all the recent games that have been played, we`ve neglected a couple of stories that we should maybe have highlighted here. The first of those being the somewhat staggering comments made by former Premier League referee, an ex-electrician, Mark Clattenburg.

The Clatt was speaking on an American podcast show called The Men In Blazers, the show tries to promote soccer in the USA, I think, in an irreverant way. I`m sure those more familiar with it can correct me. It does make for an interesting listen though.

Clattenburg, left the Premier League to go and officiate in the Saudi Arabian Jameel League. Roger Bennett was asking the questions.

One of topics that came up for discussion, and is relevant here on Vital Chelsea, was the Chelsea game against Tottenham Hotspur in the season that Leicester City won the title. Tottenham needed to win to keep their title hopes alive, and Chelsea would have loved to have scuppered that at any cost. Anything but a win for Spurs would see Leicester crowned Champions.

Clattenburg, called the game the Battle of Stamford Bridge. He said he came into the game not wanting to be blamed for Spurs losing the title. His initial statement was, that he should have sent off three Spurs players during the game. He chose to let them stay on the pitch and self destruct, he wanted Tottenham to be masters of their own downfall, and they were.

He called it theatre. The way some of those challenges were coming in, to my recollection, some of the Chelsea players could have needed an operating theatre.

Speaking to Sky Sports following the furore his original comments caused, he said something else to upset Chelsea fans,

`But I don’t regret what I did in that match. I thoroughly enjoyed the match. I came off the pitch knowing that I hadn’t influenced the result, and that was the most important thing.`

I would beg to differ and say he very much did influence the result. Had he sent three Tottenham players off, I`m pretty certain that Chelsea would have gone on to win the game. Those two extra points would have seen Chelsea leapfrog Stoke City and finish in 9th place in the league?..Fuming!!


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  • Maybe the FA can refund that huge fine they gave us ?, Men In Blazers is a pretty awful show to be honest .

  • Good point Michael, we were fined £375,000 and Spurs just £225,000, also it’s another £2m in Premier League prize money, we were deprived of the extra place we would have achieved. Shocking.

  • Techlec we should tell them Conte’s 8000 fine has already been paid, but you still owe us 367,000 pounds .

  • What an arse that man is! The more they got away with the worse the fouls got, they could have ended one of our players carries with those leg braking tackles they were putting in! We should sue him for putting our players at risk with his reckless refereeing. He has a duty of care to everyone on the pitch. Its his job to be impartial and the fact that he chose to not send anyone off before the game even started is a joke!!!!

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