Date: 10th October 2017 at 7:20pm
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All the talk concerning the possible departure of Antonio Conte back to Italy is getting ridiculous. It may very well be the case that Conte leaves at the end of the current season.

With Chelsea`s renowned boom, bust, boom methodology, for a manager to leave after 2 seasons, successful or not will surprise no one. Whilst we may not like it, it`s the modus operandi that the club uses and it delivers trophies.

That aside, the way all things Chelsea get reported in the press and media, as we know, can be somewhat anti-Chelsea at times. An example of which can be seen following an interview that former Blues boss Claudio Ranieri has given to Italian media outlet Gazzetta dello Sport. The quotes have been reported by two of our fabulous newspaper`s, here in the uk and have appeared on their websites. The quotes attributed to Ranieri, for clarity are,

“The Premier League remains the best and I have not been convinced of Conte’s desire to return home. Maybe he was expecting a different transfer window but for a few years, Abramovich has not paid crazy prices. Manchester City and Manchester United on the other hand have made big buys so I can imagine that for Antonio to fight on more fronts with the same players is more tiring.”

So, how have the two tabloids reported it. The Daily Mirror run with the headline,

Antonio Conte is unhappy at Chelsea, claims former Stamford Bridge chief Claudio Ranieri

Bit of a negative take on the quotes there from those at the Mirror. Meanwhile, over at the The Daily Mail there headline regarding the same quotes is,

“Claudio Ranieri backs Antonio Conte to remain in charge of Chelsea: ‘I’m not convinced by his homesickness’

There`s a different spin on it there. In essence, there you have the media manipulating a simple quote to meet their own narrative. Wherever Conte is plying his trade next season, whoever he`s managing, they`ll be lucky to have him, but don`t be surprised if it`s not Chelsea.

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  • We have been through this path before. We will surely overcome it. As for the media, I think we are getting used to their hate speech that they call reports.

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