Date: 12th August 2017 at 5:59pm
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This afternoon Chelsea lost their first opening day fixture, at home, for twenty-four years.

It was one of those games you never expect you are going to see, I mean, who would have predicted that we`d be 3-0 down at half-time!

After the game Antonio Conte fulfilled his post-match obligations by entertaining the press.

Speaking about the early sending off of Gary Cahill, Conte had this to say,

‘The sending off, of Cahill was a key moment, because to play the rest of the game with 10 and then nine men is not easy. In recent games we have finished with nine or 10 men. I have to try to adapt a new system and to anticipate playing with nine or 10 men in the next game. I don’t want to comment on the referee, absolutely not.”

Probably the best option if you want to evade FA action.

Continuing, Antonio spoke about the excellent second-half effort that almost saw Chelsea snatch a point, with Conte further adding,

‘We tried until the end to reach a good result against Burnley – it was a pity because our fight in the second half was very good. But our first half we kept losing our heads – after the red card we lost our heads, conceded two goals and then it`s very difficult to change the final result.’

As for any dalliance into the transfer market, Conte seemed happy with the work going on behind the scenes, with the boss commenting,

‘We must focus on working very hard with these players. As for the transfer market, the club is trying to do the best. I am not worried, I am ready to fight with these players. I repeat: it is important for us to concentrate on our work, to be focused every day in training and to try to work in our best way. No excuses.”

Finally, Antonio spoke about the Premier League debut of Morata, throwing in a quote about Diego Costa for good measure, further commenting,

‘Morata is very important and it’s important that he now adapts himself to our philosophy – today he played a good game with the right intensity. Now he has to continue to work with all the rest of our players.

‘I prefer not to answer questions about Diego Costa – for me it’s in the past.’

A bit like our hopes of a win today, history!


7 Replies to “Conte Talks About Loss to Burnley”

  • scoring 2goals after a red card is encouraging. But we need to address the discipline side of our game.

  • As far as the transfers are concerned I feel the Don should have kept things in house instead of constant complaints about not having enough depth! Hearing his interview from yesterday about not wanting sympathy, then he spoke as he did today about being a coach and focusing on that letting club get the new recruits! That’s how he should have been speaking in the media even if he was having issues i.e. Matic sale and whatever else! I feel he might have been reigned in by the club!

  • Some jorno actually asked him if he fielded a weak team to make a point!, what a stupid question , i was shocked at that question. Second half was great , should have been a draw if not for Joffrey Lannisters older brother .

  • The board must be quick. If they could spend 40 millions to buy a player with a knee injury, why not spend a little bit more for another 2-3 players.

  • The Journalist who asked him if he was sending a message with his selection is so inhuman, who is he trying to incite? Do dey achieve orgasm if a coach loses his job? who was he supposed to select? wack journalist

  • It is not about buying new players, otherwise you be saying Burnley have bought better players than Chelsea which is ridiculous. It just the mindset of Conte. His constant mourning about transfer activities have got to the head of everyone. Unfortunately players have lost self belief.

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