Date: 16th May 2017 at 12:35pm
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Speculation relating to the possibility of Inter Milan swooping to snatch Antonio Conte from under our noses is still unnerving.

Although Antonio has indicated that he has great plans for Chelsea Football Club, we`ve all come to learn that nothing is certain in this game of ours.

This morning, searching through the media, the Italian news source gazetta, still has Antonio Conte topping the Inter Milan wish-list, a wish-list that reads:

1 – Antonio Conte (Chelsea)
2 – Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid)
3 – Luciano Spalletti (Roma)
4 – Maurizio Sarri (Napoli)

However, looking elsewhere and we find that Sky Sports, are running with a differing scenario, a scenario that may ease any remaining fears we all have.

This particular source is running with the suggestion, after sacking Stefano Poli, Inter Milan are focussing their attention on the Tottenham boss, Mauricio Pochettino. Furthermore, they`re insinuating that representatives from the club will be in London this week to discuss a deal said to be worth £8.5 million a year.


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  • I hope they snatch Poch actually, aside from the fits and giggles …..Levy is so cheap i could see him getting Eddie Howe, which actually is a good choice for them,

  • The “Don”Antonio Conte has an unfinished business at Chelsea and cannot abandon the ship in the midst of the sea.Conte cannot go to another club now.

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