Date: 16th February 2016 at 4:04pm
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The numbers have been crunched in the Premier League this season, and here’s the average cost to the fan based on the number of goals they have seen during the campaign.

Goals accurate as of time of creation by Jurys Inn.

With ticket prices back on the agenda with the recent Liverpool fan walkout on the back of a suggested further rise, here’s how things play out based on goals scored and bang for your buck.

Chelsea come in with a ‘cost per goal’ of £16 for the 2015-16 season so far and even for the more reasonably priced on the table, even Manchester City’s £6 per goal return for the more traditional fan is steep – but that’s the modern day Premier League.

With a funny season in many ways playing out, seeing the better value for money sides near the top isn’t a grand surprise when overall ticket costs are factored in, but seeing Arsenal bottom of the pile with a massive £19 per goal return in many ways just shows the demand for tickets at the Emirates Stadium and the prices the club do charge to supporters who are willing to pay.

For those more curious, there is a more standard Season Ticket comparison and match day comparison and for those who like their bellies full – where does your side rank amongst the pie chart.

Football Fan Costs by Club [br]The Jurys Inn Football Fan Costs by Club

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