Date: 17th August 2017 at 8:22am
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Without doubt the prize for the funniest story of the day goes to our friends at the Daily Star for their article linking Diego Costa with a move to Everton

The story which you`ll find here cites the possibility of Costa going to Everton on a short term loan prior to his move to Atletico Madrid.

The move was initially mooted by Joey Barton on Talksport. When asked about it Everton boss Ronald Koeman said,

“Of course you like to sign players for the future. But if you can get the best one that way, then why not?”

I know this story is not in the slightest bit serious but can you imagine Chelsea ever wanting to do a deal with Everton. The way they have dealt with us since the John Stones deal or no deal and they fact they wanted to do us over for Romelu Lukaku makes this, even slight possibility, hilarious. Add to that the fact that all their players have two prices, one for Chelsea and one for anyone else. Purlease!!


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  • Are you lot STILL upset about Stones?. Seriously?. As for Lukaku he was never coming back to you!. He says he agreed the move to Utd months before the window opened. Poor deluded Chelsea fans thinking they’re special.

  • Wth are you on about lil Steve? Most of us are happy we dodged the bullet in Stones, a lot of us also hated Lukaku and didn’t want him back.

  • Of course we are special @ Steve Jones. Champions of England is who we are. I bet your “old-little everton” would give everything to swap positions with us. Keep growing those boys and we’ll keep picking them up when they are ripe and give them successes you only see in your dreams.

  • “The way they have dealt with us since the John Stones deal or no deal and they fact they wanted to do us over for Romelu Lukaku”. The words are in the article on your site lad. We were the ones telling you to hold off on Stones and that he wasn’t ready to lead a Champs League defence. Thats because we know football and you dont. You dont listen to us – thats your problem – just stop crying about it. Keep Costa as well – if he tries his little tantrums up here Dunc Ferguson will snap him in three. Amusing that you want our players and we dont want yours isnt it?.

  • Lil Steve indeed why would you want what you can’t afford? Of course you can’t afford our players so you are wise enough not to even dream, whereas we can afford to buy your entire wee club, go sit your ass down mate you don’t belong here

  • You can buy our players anytime?. Guess Stones and Lukaku dont belong there either eh?. Couldnt buy them could you!. Done with you lot now anyway just wanted to let you know the score lad – and not to let Costa come up here – if he ever comes back to you that is.

  • No one cares about Stones, and our fans were very split about Lukaku. I personally can’t be happier we dodged both.

  • You might get a big rise out of this guy called Blue_Mel, with him specifically i admit you can make him cry by rubbing it in about Lukaku.

  • @steve Jones what a joker? Liver the wait for you? Try to beat them once and you will be the Champions of England not to talk about chelsea…. We are the current champions so have a glass of water and drink if you have?

  • Damn you Chelsea fans certainly are a big headed lot since being bankrolled by a Russian Oligarch for the past 14 years. He paid off your debts, stopping you from going the way of Leeds. And helped win your second league title in your entire history. And despite Everton being in austerity for the past three decades. You STILL haven’t won as many League titles as us, despite this being your most successful period ever. And your fans have the cheek to say we will never be on your level.

    Chelsea have never been a big club until recent history. If you went back to the mid nineties and told everyone that Chelsea would end up winning five league titles before 2018, people would think you’re nuts. You was playing in the second tier of English football as recent as 1989. And debt ridden in the late 90s because your traditionally lower than mid table club over spent on foreign players.

    You joke about us developing players for you, but you’ve never managed to buy them and when they did become available they picked somewhere else. Traditionally bigger clubs. Throughout history it’s been Everton that have took Chelsea players. Not the other way around.

    You’ve only bankrolled because you’re situated in London. And Arsenal were too big for Abramovich to buy. I actually like Chelsea, but I suppose arrogance is ingrained in North London.

  • According to rumour, even Man City is thinking of making Harzard their marquee addition. Why not? After all my own dear Club, Chelsea is the only club that can sell its players without replacements in place. It is well.

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