Date: 8th June 2017 at 9:27pm
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Here we go: the silly season is off with a bang.

The Mail, mouthpiece of the CFC Board, is allegedly fuming that Antonio Conte “dumping” Diego Costa by text “is set to cost the league champions millions.”

The reason being that other clubs will now know Chelsea are desperate to sell.

Er, no.

The world has long known that the surly striker has wanted out – to China, Atletico, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all.

I don’t think we need anything else to drag the price down other than the Brazilian Spaniard’s appalling behavior.

According to The Mail, Conte sent a message of goodwill to the players telling them to have a happy time with their families and reminding them to do a bit of exercise to stay in shape.

Apparently, Costa fired back a text to the manager which then led to Conte`s suggestion that Costa perhaps take his talents elsewhere.

You don`t have to be an FBI profiler to work out the probable nature of Costa`s text answering Conte`s goodwill. I`m willing to bet it was something like he didn’t know what team he`d be playing for next season so he`d do what he wanted to.

Glad tidings: word is AC Milan have already jumped in for Costa to the tune of £40 mil.

I`d bite their hand off for that and be rid of an individual whose extreme toxicity is now public knowledge.

Every time Costa`s sulky mug ‘graces` the sports pages, we get a deeper insight into the war-zone that the 2015/16 CFC dressing room must have been.

This season Costa again decided to put in a half-season shift, while the constant undisciplined and bad-tempered eruptions on and off the field caused who-knows-what problems for The Don.

Perhaps Costa`s toxicity also casts some light on previously mystifying late-season dips like the Palace and Man United games – perhaps even the FA Cup Final.

There is something inherently unprofessional and cavalier about the striker – you can see it in all the nonsense like raiding the press buffet at half-time v Watford, flaunting beer in the dressing room right after games, even kidnapping The Don from his own press conference.

And he’s clearly a – if not the – ring leader in the dressing room.

It`s all great fun – except that this yin has an inextricable yang, which is that it always has to be about Diego Costa.

Chelsea losing millions? Frankly, if there`s the slightest possibility of the Costa virus bleeding into next season, I`d gladly give him away.


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