Date: 15th April 2018 at 10:15am
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With the Chelsea future of Antonio Conte shrouded in doubt, it appears that, almost every day, the media has something to say about a possible replacement.

Already, as the speculation gathers momentum, we’ve witnessed a raft of possible candidates, all of whom would appear to fit the bill.

However, today (Sunday), one news source has stepped forward the Express and suggested that Chelsea have drawn up a list of four possible replacements for Conte.

Three of those named on the list:

• Luis Enrique (ex-Barcelona)

• Max Allegri (Juventus)


• Maurizio Sarri (Napoli)

are candidates who fit the bill.

But, the fourth candidate named could surprise a few people.

The fourth name on the list is somebody who has already spent time at Stamford Bridge – Brendan Rodgers.

Rodgers, currently in charge of Celtic, was lured to Chelsea by Jose Mourinho, from Reading, to take charge of the youth team and then the reserve side.

As for Premier League experience, Rodgers had a spell at Anfield, but has further enhanced his reputation in the Scottish Premier League with Celtic.

But, is he the man to take the managerial helm at Stamford Bridge next season?

Your thoughts on the subject matter would be most welcome.


2 Replies to “Could Rodgers be Conte’s Replacement at Chelsea”

  • Not the worst choice ,plays attacking football ,will play youth .The cons are …he does not believe in defending and wastes money on average players

  • Not a bad choice. One who will trust youngsters and work within the Budget. We have pool of youngsters who are good, but, we need some one who can trust them. Jardim, Rodgers are better choices than Luiz Enrique or Sarri. Allegri is top class, if we get him, then we need to spend. But, given our situation, guess Allegri will have same problem about transfers.

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