Date: 20th August 2014 at 12:41am
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Young Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is apparently still in high spirits having yesterday been a beneficiary of Jose Mourinho’s leap of faith as he was preferred in goal to long-serving club legend Petr Cech in the season-opening 3-1 win over Burnley, that he hopes the Czech stopper will go nowhere but remain at Stamford Bridge for the foreseeable future, although he was honest enough to admit that he has no intention of giving back his place in the Chelsea goal to his rival.

It would be recalled that before now the 22-year-old Belgian had been quoted as saying that it won’t be “healthy” to have himself and Cech in the same dressing room, but he has apparently had a rethink with the youngster already regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world remarking after the win yesterday:

“I want him[Cech] to stay. Even if he doesn`t play he can be a lot of help to me in training. I can still learn from him because he has a lot of experience, he can give me good tips about the Premier League, things I might not know at the start. He is nice to me.
We are training very well and he is still proving he is a great

“For the team it is better for us to have two good goalkeepers. I don`t have a problem if he stays. Hopefully I can play well and stay in the team.”

Ostensibly, Mourinho who’s the one man too hard to second-guess has offered him no guarantees of remaining the undisputed first-choice goalkeeper all season with the Special One expressing hopes the
32-year-old Cech stays to fight for his place at every opportunity, Courtois insists he’s determined to make the most of the gaffer’s faith in him.

He continued: “Always when you are here you have pressure to perform because you are playing in a top team.

“There is always a pressure to win games and to be important and I am trying to do that in every game that I play.

“I came here obviously to play. I know that Petr is a great goalkeeper so there is a lot of competition, but when you come back from a successful loan you hope to play.

“Otherwise, it would maybe have been better for me to go to another team.

“It is nice that he put faith in me and it is for me now to prove his faith is right.

“I need to work hard in every training session and game to gain the confidence of my teammates and
the manager.”

Exactly son. Exactly. Hard work pays, and for all you know, working hard in every training session will not only ensure you keep Cech as far away from the green jersey as possible, which isn’t necessarily a work in the park by the way, but would also surely be a win-win situation for everyone as it will herald a new era of Blue dominance over London and England and, hopefully, Europe.

But just how healthy do you think Big Pete is seeing the foregoing?
Do you think he will stay or walk?