Date: 24th February 2018 at 2:07pm
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Thibaut Courtois has been umming and arring all season about signing a new contract with Chelsea. Worse than that though, he`s been teasing supporters saying he`s happy in London whilst coveting a return to Madrid.

No player is bigger than the club, although at a height 1.99m, he`s more chance than most. It`s something we`ve already discussed. As a result of that we decided to run a poll to gauge the opinion of the Vital Chelsea membership.

The question we asked was ‘Should Chelsea let Thibaut Courtois go? There are times when there surely have to be regrets, that Petr Cech was ever allowed to leave the football club. Cech would never have treated the club in the same disrespectful way Courtois does.

But it is what it is. Courtois is our goalkeeper for now, and so deserves our support. Should he eventually decide to commit his immediate future at Chelsea, that will of course continue.

From the results of our poll though, it would seem that the Chelsea faithful are getting a bit tired of Courtois` apparent reluctance to commit just yet. 70% of votes received gave an unequivocal Yes in answer to the question. The remaining 30%, obviously voted No, hoping to see the Belgian shot-stopper remain in London.

Courtois has children in Madrid, so of course, it`s where his heart belongs. He must do whatever he feels best for him and his family. Whether in London or Madrid, he`ll be pocketing a fortune. If Courtois goes, there`ll be no shortage of able candidates available to fill his shoes. It seems, for Chelsea fans, the time has come to make a decision one way or the other and quit talking about it.


4 Replies to “Courtois Must Make A Decision and Quit Talking”

  • I voted go, especially after his latest musings on Madrid, right after the Barca game, just please do not sign Joe Hart to replace him.

  • Courtois is an average goal keeper. I wonder why we have continued to keep him. A top keeper like De gea would have saved that Messi’s shot that resulted in Barcelonas equalizer following the error by Christensen. He’s not even among the 10 best keepers in Europe. He’s not even better than Caballero. The earlier we replace him the better .

  • Neuer,De gea,Ederson,Lloris,Allison,Ter stergen,Oblak,Donnarunma,Butland,Buffon/Cillessen.
    These may not be the top ten in Europe but surely all of them are better than Courtois.

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