Date: 21st November 2012 at 2:47pm
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Those who read my piece in this series part 3 from a few days ago will realize I am not in the least surprised by what transpired regarding the sacking of RDM. Much as I would like to start penning a new set of series called “Morning sun rising” the truth is that for Chelsea FC it is way more likely that a tempest is coming, not a great new dawn.

The sacking of RDM has the fan base at least on VC in two major camps. There are those who are celebrating this like they won the lottery and having wet dreams of Pep Guardiola joining us and rebuilding a Barca type dynasty here with trophies galore to follow and then there are the realists who from experience know that a club that operates a policy of a revolving door for managers that turns faster than the revolving doors in a busy departmental store is bobby trapped for failure. Time will tell who has got this right.

A quick word for those whose nirvana is that he got sacked?your delight is premature. He is in good company; Jose, Avram Grant, Carlo, even AVB..all have not done too badly since being fired by Roman..they all have jobs today?some way better jobs than when they were with Chelsea. RDM thanks for all you gave us I have no doubt there will be good jobs out there for you. Outside of Chelsea FC actually getting sacked by Roman as a coach qualifies as a badge of honor to be added to ones experiential CV. What this sacking does confirm though is in the small fraternity of quality club and even national coaches out there it is clear beyond doubt that no one in their right mind takes a job with Chelsea FC without getting a huge pay up front and also securing a huge severance pay in their contract. Only mercenary coaches will come to Chelsea FC- with no long term commitment and with contingency plans as to where to go next when as is inevitable they get the pink slip.

The other thing this sacking does is it will begin the mass exodus of everyone and everything connected with the last Golden generation at Chelsea FC. I learnt that even our lovely and highly competent team Doc Eva Caniero has tendered her resignation and it is now pretty much certain that Cole and Lamps will be on the first train of this evolving train wreck..even Mr Chelsea JT will now be thinking seriously of his options as his present contract nears it end. What it also means is that all those from the prior Golden generation having seen how one of their own (RDM) has been treated will steer clear of Chelsea FC in every shape or form unless and until the Roman era ends. So forget any involvement of former legends like Zola, Puyet, Desailly. Etc etc..they know now how Chelsea deals with past servants of the club..No one from the past who bleeds blue will come back to the present day Chelsea, only mercenaries seeking a quick pay day will.

Speaking of coaches it appears that Rafa Benitez will likely be the next person on the revolving shooting carousel we call our head coaching position. This is both good and bad. While both parties will play nice initially if this marriage happens it will be for all the wrong reasons with both sides having very different intents and expectations.

Rafa is a truly accomplished manager..he knows his stuff..his resume speaks for itself..he is no one team wonder like Pep. This guy has a record of top level achievement every where he has been whether you like him or not. He is one of very few coaches to have multiple la liga titles on his resume in the modern era without coaching Real or Barca, he has won the old UEFA cup, the Champions league and the World Club champions trophy. He has coached in England, Spain and Italy and has had success in all three..So the guy is quality. The problem is that Rafa will not play second fiddle to anyone and he has a personality that wont take crap from anyone. He will play nice for now to get the job but just look at how things turned out at Valencia, Liverpool and Inter and you know it is just a matter of time (I give it 6-9mths at the most) and Rafa will have made enemies with our board, with several players, with the media and finally with Roman. Unlike Carlo and RDM he is not going to play the role of good company man..Hell No!! He will be very vocal and loud about what he wants in terms of players and resources and will be very vocal and loud in the media when he does not get what he wants. Roman is making this appointment to use Rafa as a stop gap till he can get Pep but I am pretty certain this will blow up in his face because Rafa wont play that game..Rafa will leave on his own terms not Romans and he wont sign without having a huge pay guaranteed and an even larger severance package.

As regards Pep though, those whose wet dreams revolve around this guy and who think “Anyone Roman wants he gets”. I hate to burst your bubble but if Pep has half a brain cell left in his brain (and I think Pep for all his limitations and strengths is a very smart guy) why would he come to Chelsea? He is now a mercenary for hire and guess what Roman as wealthy as he is does not have the fattest wallet anymore. Chelsea FC are certainly not anyone`s idea of a well run football club administratively nor anyone`s idea of a stable club. Just across the highway in Manchester is a club that is much closer to a finished product, has an even wealthier owner who has never been shy to spray crazy money, who have a bonafide, accomplished football director that pep has worked with in the past , who have a better track record of actually keeping coaches for a length of time and whose owner is not a meddlesome Football manager wannabee but actually lets true football people do the major decision making. Pep has no job right now, Roman has been courting him for years and has offered him astronomical, unspeakeable salary offers..why hasn`t he accepted? He could come right now if he wanted to.The reason is obvious; he is smart enough to see a coming train wreck from afar. Mancini has made it clear he has no real allegiance to city..he has openly said he has 6-7 potential job options he could walk into today were he to leave city. I think both parties are just waiting for the season to play itself out. Mancini will probably leave at the end of the season and Pep will become the next City boss. Then what happens to Romans well laid out dreams?

I will close this with a final somber note. To those who feel all is well and this latest sacking amounts to moving in the right direction, i say this; “remember Liverpool”. They had their own champions league miracle; the miracle of Istanbul then felt the world was at their feet, discarded some of their best veterans, lost other quality players, and then discarded the coach who got them there (Benitez ..what irony)..they then went on a coaching firing and hiring carousel much like what Roman specializes in and where are they today? Struggling to remain a regular fixture in the Europa league so as not to lose all relevance in Europe. Those who sneer, “that can never happen to Chelsea!!” Well that is what the Liverpool fans said back then; bad decisions and policy at the highest levels got them to the mess they are in now and I fear we are headed in that dangerous direction. Just throwing money around like a drunken sailor does not amount to sound policy for a football club or any other enterprise. I fear a tempest is coming for Chelsea FC. I like some others who are in the Chelsea project for the long haul will remain through thick and thin but for those whose sole affiliation to Chelsea FC is for glory, glitter and trophies you want to consider exiting the train now. KTBFFH.