Date: 7th January 2013 at 5:55pm
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Is he the Makelele of Real Madrid for Chelsea?

WOW is the first word that will come to your mind. Just WOW. Nothing Nada.

Is he a defender? Is he a central midfielder? Or defensive midfielder?

Why there is more criticism and negative attitude towards Luiz than any other players at CFC today? Even Torres still has lots and lots of backers at Vital Chelsea and also amongst the general Chelsea support yet the whole world knows inside that he is finished as a striker (When a striker is afraid to shoot that is when he moved into the casket. I don`t have a problem with Torres missing chances but his refusal to shoot is what made me come to this conclusion).

What I can`t understand is how much good this guy is doing for Chelsea is going unnoticed. Luiz is the best ball playing centre back in the world except may be for Hummels of Dortmund. He`s one of the best defenders to move the ball forward from defence and one of the great interceptors of the ball. He`s also one of the fastest defenders in the world, one of the best penalty taking centre-backs’s in the world. He is yet to be great at free kick taking but I am sure he will be a one of the best deadly free-kick specialists in another two years.

I have lost count how many times he is sprinting to cover for his defensive partners like Cahill or JT or Ivanovic. Out of all these 3 only Cahill will come anywhere of 80% the speed of Luiz when it comes to intercepting balls or covering down the wings for his mates (AC or Cesar) when they overlap. People are just talking it like he doesn`t even care. Because of his carefree personality and good looks people are just assuming he is just taking everything easy. Only when you love what you are doing then only you will excel at it. Luiz will excel at playing football because he is playing for the love not for money of fame.

Also I cant understand why everybody is jumping on the negative bandwagon if he makes a single costly mistake in a game? My response is so what! Which defender didn`t make any mistakes? The legendary Maldini? Puyol? Or our own JT or Carvalho? Like strikers missing sitters defenders will always make mistakes. But why is Luiz subjected to ridiculous criticism?

Now RAFA has moved Luiz to the CM or DM role yet there is an end in sight for the negativity and truck load of unwarranted criticism towards Luiz. He only played in the midfield for 4 games but already people have decided he is a failure at CM or DM. For DM he doesn`t have the positional sense, in CM he is not good enough to shackle the other teams midfield or control the tempo of the game (Everton). I will give a 7/10 rating for Luiz in the past 4 midfield adventures. So what do these negative guys want? For all their fame and praise Xavi, Iniesta, Lampard or Pirlo all have their own flaws to their game. Yet some so called fans are asking Luiz to ‘control the midfield’ like Xavi and ‘Score goals’ like Lampard from midfield and ‘Act like a deep lying playmaker’ like Pirlo. I almost forgot about guys have positional sense of MAKELELE to ‘break up opposition play’.

If any other world known player was asked to do a unfamiliar role for his team like this .there will be at least 10 interview from the sources and advisors and the image of Chelsea will be torn furthermore. But I have not even seen a single quote even if it`s BAD or GOOD come from Luiz regarding this. This is a guy who will play as GK or as a Striker even if he sucks at it if it means his team will win. So why lot of ours fans are so
happy if we sell him to Barcelona for £20 million? If we sell Luiz to Barcelona then they have their next Puyol, not in playing style but in terms of influence on the defense. I am 100% confident if Luiz goes for Barca they will be more solid in defense and even more devastating in attack.

One thing is sure In the last 2 years Luiz has played under 4 different managers (CA, AVB, RDM, RB). But all the coaches are extremely happy to play him in the defense. Unlike lots of ours fans these world famous coaches are so confident in Luiz that goes to show how lots of our fans are deluded. Like the managers our Board also has some brains on this by making Luiz sign for another 5 years. Whoever is the manager doesn`t matter when you have a player like Luiz. Every manager will love to have a defender like him. What is even more comical about this whole Luiz situation is we are taking the inputs from these so called football pundits. 50% of bias + 50% of s**t is the only way to describe this so called football analysis (there are some exceptions but very rare cases only).

Now Luiz has been at Chelsea for 2 years yet anybody who knows the slightest thing about football know that he is not just an employee but that he is one of the RARE types of player who genuinely cares for Chelsea. He is doing a lot of off field work even though it`s not his responsibility. Luiz and Ramires both are acting like a big brother for the South American players who are not interested to move to England because of cultural and language differences. Portugal Italy Spain are the most preferred destination for SA players. The above 2 played major role in influencing Piazon and Oscar to choose Chelsea when they both had other offers. These both are making their adaptation less painful because of their constant helping mentalist towards them. Lots of our fans will say I am biased towards Luiz but I am someone who appreciates how good Luiz is and it will be great for Chelsea to let him stay here.

Luiz is a very good footballer who can achieve greatness in another 2 years. But like every great player Luiz has his own flaws but what I am saying is his positives outweighs negatives so easily yet we are criticizing him like no tomorrow. JT has his own flaws he is a slow CB he is struggling against fast moving strikers from his young age not to mention his unfortunate newspaper adventures yet we are all accepting him as our own and fighting tooth and nail to protect him and his reputation everywhere. Lampard has his own flaws ie, he is not a technical midfielder of modern football yet he mastered the art of scoring goals and be in right place at the right time. We are fighting for Lampard for years in terms of recognition and constant idiotic comparisons with Stevie G etc. Why is now different for Luiz guys? Could Luiz go on to emulate a JT or match JT? Certainly YES. So why we are not protecting one of our own when everybody knows that Luiz will mature himself in his later years (only 25 years) Most of the defenders reach their peak from 26 to 31. I`m not able to come up with a particular answer for the constant criticism towards Luiz. Are you?

Finally I want to finish this article by using one of the most infamous quotes in the football community in the last decade it is below;

‘We will not miss Makélelé. His technique is average, he lacks the speed and skill to take the ball past opponents, and ninety percent of his distribution either goes backwards or sideways. He wasn’t a header of the ball and he rarely passed the ball more than three metres. Younger players will arrive who will cause Makélelé to be forgotten’ – Florentino Pérez

This is what a man who knows very well about football who is one of the greatest ever players said about the departure of Makelele at the time.

‘Why put another layer of gold paint on the Bentley when you are losing the entire engine?’ – ZIDANE.

Are we treating Luiz well?

Are we defending him well against this truck load of biased crap thrown in the direction of Luiz?

Are we treating Luiz the same like Makelele was treated in Real Madrid?

Are we treating Luiz like an ordinary GLASS when its a DIAMOND we are not able to polish or protect?

Are we appreciating the true VALUE or Potential benefits ON and OFF the pitch by having someone like Luiz?

Only time will tell whether CHELSEA act like Florentino Pérez or sensibly like ZIDANE?

Your comments are most welcome guys.