Date: 17th May 2006 at 6:31pm
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A glorious day in our history as Di Matteo notches the fastest goal in Wembley FA Cup Final history.

However, that was nine years ago isn?t it strange ho was you get older the years seem to accelerate by? Tonight Barcelona hope to be crowned as Champions of Europe by beating those from North London. We here at VITAL have decided it?s not churlish to cheer on Catalan giants; it?s the thing to do.

Our fervour hasn?t even been dampened by the pictures of the disgraced assistant referee, Hermann Borgan, pictured wearing a Barcelona shirt. Indeed, the fact that the referee, Terje Hauge, didn?t seem to be concerned perhaps highlights the theory that a conspiracy does exist in UEFA with regard to Barcelona.

It?s hard to ignore the prejudice shown in their favour, after all didn?t Anders Frisk take tea in Rijkaard?s dressing room or am I just exaggerating? However, a lot of water has flown under the bridge since then and we here at Chelsea are now more determined than ever to win Europe?s Premier Competition by fair means rather than foul.

Back home, it appears that Newcastle have managed to sidestep the rules and appointed Glenn Roeder as their manager. And there was I thinking that Liverpool are the only people who can get the rules bent to suite themselves!

Strangely enough, Roeder?s appointment didn?t quite excite the Geordie hordes in a manner similar to that of previous appointments. Gullit, Keegan and Dalglish were welcomed by thousands of Geordie disciples eagerly anticipating that each of those appointed would bring them silverware.

For Roeder, the new chosen leader of the Geordie nation, it?s understood that approximately eight people turned up to greet him. The Geordies are getting almost as fickle as those from Liverpool.

More tomorrow! Up the Barca!