Date: 18th May 2006 at 2:52pm
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The day after the night before, a night that?ll live long in many minds.

Unfortunately, for me the events of last night are a bit cloudy. Sat watching Barcelona defeating Arsenal, I have to admit that I over-indulged in the old amber nectar. Indeed, the conclusive proof being that, at some point, I must have fallen asleep in the armchair instead of venturing upstairs. Indeed, that last can of lager was still resting in my lap when I woke up, its contents leaving a nasty wet patch in my lower regions; well I hope that?s what it was.

Despite a raging headache and a mouth that feels like it?s been subjected to a severe sandpapering I feel strangely elated. I can?t disguise the fact that Arsenal losing is was I wanted. I didn?t want a repeat of the scenario whereby a team that was so far off the pace at the top of the Premiership, won Europe?s biggest prize. It just doesn?t feel right.

Besides I still find it hard to forgive them for all those defeats they handed out to us before we finally managed to turn things around.

Also, the fact that we were beaten by the winners (again) makes our early exit all the more bearable. Apart from the Carling Cup, our conquerors in all the other competitions have gone on to taste glory. Hopefully, next season there will no conquerors and we?ll have that clean sweep we?ve craved for.

In losing Arsenal showed what a spoilt bunch of brats they can be. The moaning and groaning went on for ages. Even this morning in N5 the red and white hordes were continuing their dissection of the referee. Perhaps, in the passing of time, they?ll realise they only lost because they couldn?t finish off the opposition.

Don?t give me the only ten men soap story! Henry had a glorious chance to make it 2-0 but failed and probably in doing so, ended any chance of a move to the Camp Nou.

However, with Henry not quelling the lingering gossip about leaving Arsenal, would it be too much too hope that he could be tempted across London to SW6? Wouldn?t that generate mass hysteria on a scale never seen before?

More tomorrow.