Date: 20th May 2006 at 5:50pm
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Thirteen! Unlucky for some! Unlucky for me! It?s Saturday and I?m bored stiff.

I?m starting to realise just what Saturday?s without any football are like. It?s not pretty, skulking around trying to find something interesting to watch. I stumbled across the Heineken Cup, the rugby equivalent of the Champions League.

The Millennium Stadium was awash with Munster supporters, the arena was a sea of red, full of passionate Irishmen willing their team to glory. I still don?t understand the finer points of rugby but it helped me ease through another eighty minutes.

I thought ahead to tomorrow. Couldn?t help it! The thought of perhaps the last interesting football match of the domestic season fizzed through my mind. Could Leeds United really be on the verge of a return to the Premiership?

I read in a leading tabloid that Peter Lorimer was the only member of the old board that Ken Bates kept on. He sold Lorimer a vision, a vision of turning Leeds United into another Chelsea. I couldn?t help but chuckle out loud.

Does that mean Leeds can look forward to a Leeds Village? A white elephant of a hotel that hardly gets used, a health club that might, or might not, entice the good folk of Yorkshire and a mountain of debt to fund it all. Or am I just being churlish?

At the moment, Hereford v Halifax is taking place. I can hear the dulcet tones of a football crowd urging their team on. To me, it means nothing. I?ve been spoilt on the silky skills of my beloved Chelsea. Even when we were poor we were not as poor as the garbage this pair is turning out.

Perhaps I?m being too harsh; perhaps the charitable side of me hibernates until the football season proper starts. After all, for those supporters inside the Walkers Stadium, it?s a chance to get back onto the bottom rung of the football league ladder, a chance to banish the memories of non-league football, perhaps a chance to emulate Carlisle United and win back-to-back promotions.

Back-to-back! Still has a wonderful sound to it doesn?t. Up the Chels!

More tomorrow.