Date: 22nd May 2006 at 4:44pm
Written by:

We all have dreams whether they be dreams of glory or just something relative to something a little closer to home.

Looking out of the window you can see the rain beating down; it hardly feels like May, more like October. Every so often the rays from the sun burst through the clouds and I offer a wry smile. Stuck here in the office, I cannot help but think of those poor souls eagerly waiting for play to resume in the numerous cricket matches being played around the country. Every ray of sunshine giving yet another false dawn as yet more dark clouds roll across the landscape. The unmistakable sound of rain dripping into puddles where it should be leather against willow.

I smile as yet another drought warning is broadcast on national television. An island surrounded by water but being slowly held to ransom by mother nature. Even the Beckhams couldn?t escape the downpours, their World Cup party guests being chauffeured into Beckingham Palace amidst a plethora of puddles lining the plush Hertfordshire lanes. Squelching through lush lawns eager to devour Ramsey?s latest creations, my, how the other half live.

In my mind I can see the feast set before them, an array of dishes befitting the King of English football. I think just how far the man himself has come, how his skills have elevated him to stardom and a life that the majority of us could only dream about. The trappings of stardom, the flash houses, the expensive cars, the lavish jewels and the designer clothes ? does it make him a better man than you or I? Would he not crave for the anonymity that me and you have and the ability to walk down the street unhindered, unmolested and without looking over your shoulder, totally free from the paparazzi that hound his every move.

If all goes well in Germany it is a situation that all eleven of our potential World Cup heroes will become involved in. For those lucky enough to be involved in the final in Berlin (if all goes well) their private lives will evaporate the minute that golden trophy is lifted towards the heavens. Privacy is not something the media and the adoring public respect, saturation coverage is something we?ll lap up as we remember where we were the day David Beckham lifted the Jules Rimet trophy.

Now some might say I?ve been day-dreaming a little in this little prose but then again when you?re waiting to open the bowling and there is nothing but dark clouds, persistent rain and no chance of play today, just what else is there to do?