Date: 15th May 2006 at 4:48pm
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After the Premiership parade comes the long wait to the start of next season.

However, at least our beloved club remain in the news. The signing of Michael Ballack is just the sort of incentive we?re looking for when it comes to demoralising the others who purport to claim our Premiership crown. Can you hear the silence on Merseyside as Tubby Benitez scours Iberia for an equivalent Spanish signing?

Sadly, the Premiership parade deprived me of watching one of the nations? great gladiators, Ricky Hatton. Whilst I continually harp on about the excessive amount we have to pay for football on Sky, I must admit to having the odd weakness to a touch of boxing and probably being something resembling a hypocrite.

Usually, any big-time boxing broadcast from the USA, in the early hours of the morning, results in me falling asleep trying to stay awake for the main event to start, failing miserably and inevitably having to watch it during the replayed transmission the next day. However, with the parade to attend there was no way I was going to try and stay up until 04:00 and then fall asleep on route to the parade landing up south of London and in the middle of bandit country (Millwall).

However, my disappointment is somewhat eased by the fact that it rankles me as to why Hatton left the Frank Warren stable of fighters. Although Warren is a Gooner, he?s the best promoter this country has. If you?re in any doubt just have a quick glimpse through Nigel Benn?s autobiography. Nigel readily admits the best thing he did was to re-sign with Frank.

Unfortunately, I can?t string this article out long enough to avoid commenting on our friends (foes) from Liverpool again. It appears that Gerrardmania has broken out after Ickle Stevie?s monumental FA Cup Final performance. Strangely enough, this fickle breed have forgotten how they strung replica Gerrard shirts up on the Shankly Gates and burned them less than a year ago.

Clearly, on Merseyside, fickleness is a trait that serves them well. It was nice to see Robbie Fowler at the front of the bus on their parade. Obviously Robbie neglected to remember that he never played (and couldn?t) for Liverpool in the FA Cup this season.

Also, you have to wonder where the half a million people disappeared to who cheered Liverpool back home when the Champions League was won? Clearly, the joyous scenes masked the obvious fact that the Liverpool support knew they?d missed out on one of the major honours this season. Bad luck lads!

More bitterness tomorrow methinks.