Date: 16th May 2006 at 6:59pm
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With the hullabaloo surrounding the World Cup, you?d have thought I?d have been a little brighter.

There I was, pleasantly getting on with my day job, at Luton Airport, totally oblivious to the fact that this little old provincial airport of ours would once again pay host to the England team departing to a major tournament. I should have known better, I should have known that at some stage of the day they?d actually pass my office window as they made their way to their aircraft but I had something else on my agenda.

Instead of sticking my head above the window ledge and waiting for the moment to come, I was busy keeping my head down desperate to avoid the knowing winks and the beaming smiles of all those who purport to support Liverpool in our building. It was bad enough after they defeated us in the semi-final at Old Trafford but after Gerrard had won the FA Cup all on his own, they?ve been simply unbearable. With a relatively short temper, now is not the time to have a fracas in the office after all I have, like most people, a mortgage to pay and a family to keep.

Sticking with the World Cup squad, it?s nice to see that our trio have been granted numbers in the first eleven. I?m something of a traditionalist, I like to see a team numbered one to eleven, and it brings a sense of respect to our wonderful game. Hopefully, Wayne will become the exception to the rule once Ashley Cole has another injury nightmare. Until then it looks like three Chelsea starters in the first team.

Continuing with the World Cup, I doubt that there has ever been a team to match our seventeen players in various World Cup squads. It shows what a marvellously talented bunch of player?s we have at Stamford Bridge. It?ll also make the World Cup a spectacle with Chelsea supporters keen to cheer on each and every one of them as they seek World Cup glory.

Elsewhere, at Lords, it was disappointing to see England only manage a draw with Sri Lanka after dropping nine catches in the second innings. All credit to plucky Sri Lanka though, their bowling attack may be a little light but they certainly have some talented batsman. Sadly it looks as if the second test at Edgbaston could go the same way with both batting line ups dominating proceedings.

Tomorrow, it?s the Champions League Final, would it be churlish to be anti-English and cheer on the Catalan side?