Date: 17th March 2017 at 4:17pm
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Just a quick note.

Thanks so much for everything you have done for your club and ours.

Who would have thought that bringing in Antonio Conte would have been the final piece of the jigsaw?

Not me, I`m man enough to admit.

With the magnificent new stadium a more or less done deal – thanks again, sir – there`s just one, tiny little thing that needs to be resolved.


The Don – as we have come know Mr. Conte – simply wants to have the last word on transfers.

He feels that the current squad of, effectively, 13 starters won’t be enough to fight on all fronts next season and is loath to sign the contract extension that every single fan in Blue is desperate for him to sign until he knows he can control what happens this summer.

Just as it was he and he personally who identified N’Golo Kante as the first must-have player of his tenure, picking up the best controlling midfielder in the modern game, the engine of Chelsea’s success.

I know that when you first came to the club, Mr A, you needed a whole bunch of help.

Enough time has now passed for you to know which bits of advice worked and work and which don`t and won’t.

The biggest lesson seems to be that matters on the pitch must be controlled by the experts.

I know this hasn’t been an easy lesson to learn with the stints at the club of a former manager who didn’t seem to be happy until he made absolutely everybody else unhappy.

But we know enough about The Don to know that he is not the special one, he is The One.

He is The One that you have been waiting for to help you make Chelsea the biggest and best sporting institution in the world.

Of course you would have been nervous at handing transfer control to an irresponsibly-minded manager – that is not The Don.

While even I am prepared to admit that the former manager ultimately turned out to be a mirage (oh what a joy it is to watch the 1 goal leads that he specializes in without that twisting in the pit of the stomach that they might be equalized in the blink of an eye because it`s happening at some other club than ours!), whoever counsels caution regarding The Don is a false advisor and looking to safeguard their own authority.

We`ve all seen enough to know that The Don is the real deal – it was bad enough seeing the former one walk and win Champions Leagues with other clubs as we looked on.

That`s nothing compared to what we`ll have to observe if the man who is head and shoulders the best coach and manager in the world walks to somewhere like Barcelona.

We`d be looking at a decade of also-ran status at best, while the man who should be nailed to our colours for the next decade runs riot with his next team.

You know as well as I do, Mr A, that giving Antonio Conte what he wants is without serious downside: you give him transfer control, he commits to a new extended contract and we see what happens.

If it doesn’t work, you can deal with it then.

As you always have done, sir.

Spensierato, Big Stan.


25 Replies to “Dear Roman Abramovich,”

  • I know what you mean Stan but if Conte chose only one of the 13 then whatever system was responsible for the other 11being at the club clearly deserves some credit

  • Well I finally agree with something you say Stan. Because if we all listened to you and your preaching this time last year, when you were criticising anyone on this site, who was saying that the sacking of Mourinho was the right thing to do in the circumstances. As well as slagging us all off for disagreeing with you and telling us that we had no hope of winning another trophy for 10 years blah blah blah. Look at the antics that the Bitter One is now getting up to with the Mancs. Thank god that is all behind us. Well done Roman.

  • As probably most people would have read by now, Conte, in today’s press conference, has rubbished rumours about him seeking more control re transfers. So as much as your article makes good reading Stan, the words from the horse’s mouth have negated any worries one might have. I do agree though, that this guy is the real deal. Whilst he certainly has his abrasive side, he’s got more dignity in his left thumb than the former one could muster in total, besides his obvious talent in building football teams. Forza Conte!

  • “Just as it was he and he personally who identified N’Golo Kante as the first must-have player of his tenure, picking up the best controlling midfielder in the modern game, the engine of Chelsea’s success.” – NOT TRUE. After we had enough chasing Naingollan, club switched to Kante on instruction from Piet De Visser.

  • This letter must reach Mr Abramovich by hook or crook. Happy Conte has proved to us he’s capable of taking us to the promised Land of football. But more importantly, helping us forget the misadventure of last season caused by the jealous one.

  • Abramovich could care less about an open letter. While our passions may happen to coincide, he still runs his affairs with all of the aplomb of a KGB officer. Let’s just be thankful that he at least loves football more than Vincent Tan.

  • It’s nice to see the Italian approach to football once again being introduced to Stamford Bridge. Now, that being said, Conte is the man who could guide The Blues to the double this year, and then steer the club to Champions League glory next year.

  • Good one Stan. If he wants transfers powers give it to him with the caveat of a final board oversight.

  • Mourhinho is now systematically switching to 3-4-3 formations. What a shame.! Thank God we let him go. He’s now behind us. I’m appealing to Big Roman to give the Boss what he wants.

  • Conte makes mourhino look like a prat frankly he’s a hard working passionate guy . He cares about his club and he doesn’t act like a pre madona if we can get his family over here and he becomes more at home we could easily win more tittles and the champions league again

  • Thanks lads. And as for kaka and pooheart9 – 1) At least I’m man enough to admit my mistakes, 2) The Don specifically personally got Kante. Unless you know better than The Times’ Chief Football Correspondent hahahaha. KTBFFH. Even the muppets.

  • Only a true shrivel sack needs to *constantly* label others for their own inferiority at defending their positions. It’s a real indictment against your character, and a sign of your weakness, Stan, that you can’t disagree with others, without having to label them with stupid names – even when you, yourself, have been on the wrong end of the criticism, so often. At the very least, your position is reduced to the same absolute zero as theirs. (and yet, you keep taking the bait) Of all people, you ought to know that when you post such overtly opinionated pieces as you do, you are inviting criticism. (most people who answer you negatively, simply don’t like your arrogance) It’s such a shame that you aren’t man enough to absorb it. And make no mistake… you are clearly NOT man enough to absorb it. If someone wants to criticise someone else, ***** those people. It’s what YOU do next that counts, not them. But you never disappoint 😉

  • I want Conte given majority control in transfer but I strongly disagree with you to claim he picked Kante, Kante was board recommended buy, Conte even admitted he did not know Kante was that good, he wanted Naingolan who is equally good,and when he was not coming he had to go for Kante who the board recommended, Luiz also was board buy, don’t muddle things to discredit the board and please Conte, I am Conte number one fan, I am not discrediting him for what he has done, to me he is what Chelsea should have like Fergy and give him any demand he makes, but kindly give credit to who it is due, I stopped reading when I saw “Just as it was he and he personally who identified N’Golo Kante as the first must-have player of his tenure”

  • @Stan: how do you post an article and expect to receive one sided comments. You continue to criticize opposing comments and you dwindle the size of the team making the facility a dull rather than lively one

  • opinions are like noses, like it or not everybody has one. Learn to tolerate and appreciate all..KTBFFH

  • My favorite forum, is the Barca forum. St George writes articles to hear himself type over there. Ironic, considering how many “fans” Barcelona has, worldwide. Maybe that is what Stan would like for himself. A place to hear himself talk, unchallenged… He can have afternoon tea with St. George. LOL

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