Date: 8th March 2013 at 7:43am
Written by:

Now you may not remember your encounter with me, but I certainly remember meeting you.

Back in our centenary year, I had the immense pleasure of meeting you at the Centenary Party, held at that quaint little pub across the road from Stamford Bridge, The Butchers Hook.

You seemed a thoroughly decent chap, but then again my opinions of you were always going to be favourable what with you riding to the rescue and saving the club I cherish from financial oblivion.

Since that day, things have been so wonderful in the world of Chelsea that it`s fair to say that we`ve all been living the dream. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine that, one day; we`d win the Premier League let alone the Holy Grail of European football – The Champions League.

But, and I suspect you might already feel that this letter is about to depart off on another tangent, things are, or have, gone horribly wrong, things are, to put it mildly, starting to go down the plug-hole.

Therefore, with your right hand-man, Ron Gourlay, still chanting the company mantra about qualification being essential for our football club to thrive, I`m asking you to take a step back, away from the rose tinted spectacles, and see what a mess it is all becoming.

Now, in the past, you`ve not been afraid to make changes. Some have been dramatic and drastic, others questionable but, and this is the most positive aspect, we`ve always thrived; we`ve always emerged as top-dogs regardless of the scorn aimed at us from the jealous legions who support others clubs with the same passion (now there`s a word) we show for our club.

Therefore we`re urging you to make a change, we`re not pleading for change for the sake of change, but for a change to ensure what we`ve all strived to achieve since your arrival doesn`t become a distant memory, a change that will ensure the company mantra is adhered to and that next season we`re still amongst the elite of Europe, not the also-rans.

So, however much the urge to stick with the Spaniard grips you, please reach for the axe, wield it and send him packing, you know it makes sense!

Yours sincerely