Date: 17th January 2013 at 4:41pm
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The problem for Chelsea from my perspective has little to be said about coaching.

The results have been so inconsistent under various coaches we have had since Carlo. Ordinarily, team like West Brom, South’ton, QPR and Fulham should not be a problem to Chelsea under Jose.

However, our lack of depth in squad is causing us a great deal. Looking at Chelsea`s bench (Terry, Ferreira, Ivanovic, Ryan Bert (all defenders), Marin and Torres) on Weds night indicated we have not got enough players.

When Oscar and Mata failed to perform on the night who do we call on from the bench?

We all knew who. It is so pathetic to compare our depth in squad with the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Spurs or even Arsenal.

Arsenal at their worst will have at least 4 midfielders/striking options as substitutes.

One should expect (as the norms of great team) that our substitutes should be able to make a great impact when it matters in games. Man U/Man C always have at least 5 players who could make impact on bench. Spurs at times will have the likes of Parker, Dempsey, Gyilfi, Sandro etc on the bench.

We think we could dictate the terms and conditions for players and coaches. We bought whom ever we seem fit with or without the approval of coaches. We do not expect coaches to have their own minds. Even the great Jose would not succeed under present dispensations.

Imagine, buying him almost all the players with little inputs from him as coach unlike when he was given a blank cheque to run the show. A lot of people have started clamouring that he should be brought back. However, Mourinho hates working with half-baked players.

Believe you me, all our projects will go down the drain. Players like Oscar, Hazard, Mata will all become substitutes. I doubt it not if Lampard, Essien, Terry and Malouda would not play for another 3 seasons before they are gone.

The management is well aware of 2 key players leaving for Africa Nations Cup and it is baffling to think there was no arrangement in place to bring in replacements, even if it were to be on loan to the end of the season.

Romeu is out due to injury and by the time Mikel and Moses are back, they will be too tired to make an impact on the squad. I can’t believe Chelsea cannot get players on loan, at least to fill the void left by those players.

The last time we had players going for ANC, we had enough players in our squad. Even, the absence of Drogba and Kalou didn’t really matter because we had 3 other strikers (Anelka, Sturridge and Torres- though not prolific).

Our striking options are not adequate and impotent. Before Sturridge left for Liverpool, we have had no striker as far as am concerned. Now with Ba, we have only one striker. Torres is just like Macheda in Man U.

Manu still have other 4 striking options (RVP, Welbeck, Rooney and Chicarito). We are no Barca. Man City have got 4 striking options too. We should not expect miracles from Rafa or any coaches from little inputs. We had spent more to get few players.

Hazard, Oscar and Torres are good but they are not worth those prices we paid for them. Those players making great impact right now at Chelsea are those with little prices on their heads.

Enough of the wastefulness! Many of our youths could have developed into a better players had we had stability in coaching and club development. Finally, I believe Roman is surrounded by sycophants or else they would have left the club if they think Roman has not been doing the right thing.

The fact that the CEO, Director of Football, Technical Director etc still believe they are doing well in the last 5 years has indicated Roman might either be surrounded by those whose love for money is over and above what they could contribute to the club or they are just ignoramus.

Thanking God Pep didn’t take our offer. He would have failed working under this bunch. This is because Chelsea are not Barca and will not be unless we change our mentality and re-focus on doing those things that will bring greatness to our club, not short-cut measures.