Date: 10th October 2017 at 6:54am
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There a story doing the rounds this morning that all is not well in the mind of Chelsea`s Belgian starlet Charly Musonda Jr. If Musonda decided to vent his frustration at his lack of playing time at Chelsea via his Instagram account, it`s an ill conceived idea and one that won`t go well with the hierarchy at Stamford Bridge, most notably Antonio Conte.

It does seem a very strange statement to post just three weeks after scoring his first goal for the club against Nottingham Forest. The voracity with which he celebrated that goal flies in the face of the social media post.

According to The Daily Star the winger`s brother, also a footballer, made a comment on the post which was quickly deleted. He wrote,

‘It’s starting to look like they wouldn’t know what they have if they had Ronaldo or Messi coming of the academy. smh (shaking my head).’

Given his brother`s post was deleted, yet the original one by Musonda wasn`t does appear suspicious. Is it possible that Musonda`s account has been hacked? Or, has he actually decided to inadvertently write a transfer request via social media. Either way, expect statements later today.


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  • Exactly why rival fans see us as plastic because it seems no one at the club gives these boys any form of orientation. First, Kennedy almost ruined our preseason tour of Asia by insulting the Chinese people. Now Mosunda wants to bring negativity by giving the media a perfect opportunity to slag us off. They should be spoken to on how to behave and use social media. Christensen has proven beyond doubt that he deserves to play, now he’s in the first team. He didn’t achieve that by Mouthing off on Instagram. Mosunda should knuckle down and work. He wants to play in the premier league,yet he’s lightweight…he’ll be bundled out with the ball each time he’s given it. Just shut up and work harder..

  • Yeah ,musonda behavior very unprofessional and needs to be reprimanded but how can someone sincerely blame him?
    Puts in a MOTM performance only to get a closer look at Willian losing the ball 28 times in the next game…comfortably leading against stoke ,but still not given play time.

  • You play 30 years Fabrigas in three consecutive competitive games to point where when it mattered most against City the man could no longer run and completely ignore other players. Sell the player if you feel he is not ready or is not a Chelsea material.

  • The kid just disrespected the club and should be punished. We’ve lost talents because of not giving them chances,but using a lack of opportunity as an excuse for his pathetic outburst is ridiculous. Like De Bruyne and Lukaku, he should leave if he feels he’ll never get to chance to showcase his talent.

  • The bottom line is Conte has to give these kids more opportunity to develop and prove their worth; same with Mitchy. I said then when some fans here blamed the likes of Lukaku, KDB and Sturridge, calling them all sorts of names for expressing their feelings/frustration, I said it won’t be the last and we’ll see similar behaviour from other youngsters if we don’t begin to give them more game time. Conte is not helping matters too; Mitchy not getting game time, Zappacosta and Moses benched against Mancity, Kenedy not playing…

  • Musonda wants to play. And at his age and with the talent we all think he has, this is understandable. But ranting on social media to air his frustration is totally unacceptable, childish, and unprofessional. Football talent is one thing, attitude is everything. A lot of very talented youngsters have wasted away because of idiotic attitudes that it all starts gradually like this. Truth is Conte has no obligation to play Musonda and Musonda cannot force him to do that. Musonda should shut his mouth and fingers, knuckle down and work regardless of what Conte does imo. If you are a top talent, no coach in this world can stop you from getting to the top, be it at chelsea or elsewhere, so why rant to the media?….KDB/Lukaku/Diego Costa/Christensen are some example of players that have shown that if you have talent and you work hard, a coach cannot stop you from where you are going. If Musonda is good enough and chelsea does not play him, he will eventually leave and become a star elsewhere (like KDB and Lukaku) or chelsea will see the light are create a space for him in the first team (just like Christensen). Typing nonsense to the media will get Musonda nowhere. That said, If I were to advise the club, I dont think he should be punished and banned from the first team or those sort of things (like I have read in some comments), we have to understand that he is a very young player and this is sort of things can happen. I prefer he is shown some love and a warm hand around him. Conte and Emenalo ( or whoever) should let him know ranting to the media is wrong and solves nothing and that they understand him and he should be patient and continue to work. FFS, the the season in just 8 weeks old, the team is still trying to get the best set-up with the new players after the madness of Burnley and Musonda is already ranting. The brother’s response pretty much tells me the people around him are not intelligent. Its a pity.

  • We just told him to do all his talking with his feet, perfect answer really . I am sure we will loan him out in Jan to get more playing time .

  • Does anyone think Tammy Abraham (3 goals in 9 games for Swansea) , RLC ( brilliant for Palace) or Zouma (rock solid for stoke) need to say anything to the media or use social media to talk about their chances at chelsea?.. Hell NO. Chelsea is watching these players, and if chelsea cannot integrate them into the first team and make room for them to play, it is strictly chelsea’s loss because if they continue to play the way they are playing, with no constant football at chelsea, rival clubs will simply bring the cash and buy them and they will still go ahead to become stars because they have got the talent and they have put in the work. This will happen regardless of whether Conte likes them, plays them or not or even if Conte is sacked. Every player has his career in his hands, you cant blame your own mediocrity on the fact that a particular club did not give you the chance to play because if you are good enough, 5 other clubs will be queuing up for your signature. Musonda has no business ranting through the the social media. He should work hard and get the very best from the talent he has, the rest will happen naturally, either at chelsea or elsewhere. I am sure Lukaku is smiling right now.

  • @layorh12, I agree with you that this kind of behaviour is wrong and unacceptable. However, we can’t blame these kids that much, they’re young and just fighting for their careers. Maybe he even discussed with someone (could be his father, brother, agent, etc) before posting the comment and they encouraged him to post it. Also, I think we get this sort of comments from these kids mainly because they truly love to play for this Chelsea and are getting frustrated by the lack of game time. Musonda’s decision to vent his frustration would not in anyway have a negative impact on his career. Players like KDB and Lukaku did the same thing and are doing well today. The worst that can happen to him is that he leaves for another club. What is of utmost importance to me is how we can prevent the loss of another talented and very promising youngster…

  • We all can sit here and criticize rhe lad but sometime we humans look for avenues to air our frustrations.You may say hes wrong which professionally is wrong to go that route but we also must be truthful about it all.same way ake was brought back to sit on the bench when he can also fill in,same way many young stars have left the club eg debryne and have gone to become players we wished we had.Sandro this ,sandro that And the rumours aint going but can we really blame the coach well i ll blame the owner who hires and fires.if isco were to be in chelsea will he have playing time or ascensio?or rashford?NO!!!our youth system works well on age group level but we never get to see many of them come tru the ranks.Thank God for christeinsen,hes one player i prayed would come back.Will like to see many of those.

  • I think Musonda is being ungrateful. If he’s complaining of lack of play time what does he expect his colleagues in the academy to do. He should be grateful that he’s been promoted to the senior team and should take advantage of opportunities when they come rather than ranting on the social media about lack of opportunities. come to think of it who does he want to bench among his senior colleagues, Willian or Pedro?

  • People should not be blind to the fact that Christensen is only finding game time because Conte is forced to play through suspensions, if there were another above 27 central defender apart from Luiz the lad would not have seen game time. Watch and see when Conte have a full squad available.

  • So because musonda wants gametime so we should send the people ahead of him away? How does ranting does him any favors? Should other players start ranting too about gametime? The players who currently occupies their positions have paid their dues and are highly talented. I actually believe next season we would have to phase out our attackers either pedro or willian or both. But Everything in life is time. He should have kept ceasing his opportunity or prolly gone out on loan if he knows he wants to play so bad and prolly get a world cup chance. Lukaku and KDB have gone, we have continued to win they have am not sure how much theyve won. It was out of place to have written that, no justification.

  • KDB,Lukaku,Bertrand,T Hazard,Romeu,Chalobah,Ake….Musonda is lightweight,so what about Sane,Sterling,Wilshere,Rashford,Lingard? If Messi,Ronaldo,Hazard,Neymar,Dembele,Mbappe,Pulisic,Meyer,Brandt,Asensio were from Chelsea’s academy they won’t make it to the first team cos of their physique or age.The club needs to have a change of mentality and policy concerning the “win at all cost”ways and youth integration.I am not in support of his rant but sometimes you need it to make people remember you are still alive.

  • @Aare Anjola – ranting on Instagram is about the most inappropriate way to “make people remember you are still alive” especially at a top football club. This same logic applies to our professional lives in other career paths. Like I said above, the only thing Musonda owes himself is to work, and that is not dependent on anybody ( not on chelsea, not on Conte, not on his agent/family) except himself. If he works very hard and he has the matching talent, he will definitely get to the top. He is just 20 for crying out. Diego Simeone never rated Costa at Atletico, he was always loaning him out because of Falcao, it is same player that he just recently bought again to play for him for close to 60m – a club record for Atletico. Mourinho did not rate Lukaku, he just bought the same player for 100m. We dint give KDB the playing time he wanted, he proved himself in Germany, City bought him for 50m. I can go on and on. The constant here is that if a player is talented and he works hard, he will always get to the top almost all the time and no coach or club will be able to stop that. Ranting on social media is baseless and just stupid. I dont know if you are aware that without being injured, Musonda recently walked out on the U-21 Belgian squad for no tangible reason and of course the coach has (rightly) refused to re-invite him since he did that. For me, this points to deeper attitude issues and it appears to me that in Musonda’s eyes, he probably believes he is better than he realistically is. Thing is having the potential (or even the talent) to be a top football player never guarantees ( in any way) that a player will get to the top. For me, Attitude is everything. Just look at a player like Balotelli, he has almost everything that a top footballer should have but lacks that one most important thing – Attitude. Musonda should have a quiet time with himself, grow in wisdom, learn to shut his mouth and let his football and attitude do the talking.

  • Game time is not given, its earned… Moses last szn fought for his place till he earned it. He dd nt go cryg on social media. alonso last szn was being benched he dd nt complain neither dd pedro wem willian was starting a head of him.. Musonda has to shut up n do his talking on pitch… let him look at christensen, who was at higher stage of his develppment but doesnt cry when benched, he jst train harder… As for batshuayi he gets wat he deserves… how many balls dd he waste agst arsenal in the shield n burnley on first day… batshuayi is jst q gd backup n cnt stand pressure as the main man

  • How some of our fans manage to make excuses for Mosunda’s stupid outburst is beyond me. If you’re really talented,no manager can stop you from hitting whatever heights you dream of. Like someone rightly said, if CFC doesn’t give you the chance,five other clubs will be queueing up for you. Just shut up and let your talent do the talking

  • The truth of the matter is that musonda cannot offer us what willian or Pedro is offering us currently in experience and strength..

    But Rome was not built in a day, if he doesn’t play and learn how can we enjoy what his talent would offer….Messi didn’t become world best by sitting on the bench, ronaldo, now mbappe being groomed as a worldy at 18…we kept saying players like kdb should let their talents do the talking and later dispense them, while players like willian kept getting played and contract renewal all because they can run for 90minutes..

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