Date: 9th November 2017 at 4:22pm
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I don’t believe in coincidences.

So what explains so many huge things happening at SW6 at the same time?

First, Luiz is benched – against the advice of the world and his wife and before the most important game of the season so far.

Next, Emenalo leaves.

Next, Conte is assured of bids for Sandro, Berkely and another top striker in January.

Finally, on the subject of the dressing room, Conte slams shut the door with the statement that he will allow nobody to influence how he manages the team.

This final statement of self-confidence is particularly telling, coming as it does as presumably the only person in a direct position to fiddle with team management, Michael Emenalo (ME), exits.

You can take Conte`s words as a random, coincidental statement; or you can take it for what it clearly says:

“All you players with axes to grind or dispositions too fragile for serious training no longer have ‘Auntie Emenalo` to run to and complain to behind my back. Shape up or ship out!”

Just think how bizarre it is that a modern Premier league manager needs to say such a thing – do the Man United or City or Spurs or Liverpool managers need to make it clear that they won’t allow their management to be interfered with? No they don`t.

Only at Chelsea.

Well, now The Don is making it clear that those days are over.

Coincidence? My ***!

The fact that major transfers we know Conte desperately wanted in the summer will now be pursued is also no coincidence.

Clearly ME was an obstacle blocking Conte`s plans. Why? Who knows? Perhaps ME was incentivized the less CFC spent on transfers? Perhaps there was a power struggle going on as to who actually ran and composed the squad? If so, all that is over.

Chelsea fans have been conditioned to believe in the American system, where the coach coaches whatever a general manager hands him.

Our managers have not been conditioned to accept that – and few great ones do or ever will: Diego Simeone wouldn’t even take a meeting with the Emenalo set-up.

Having given it the 72-hour test, my belief now (together with some 80% of VC readership) is that ME`s removal is a major blessing for the manager.

We should now be able to look forward to pure footballing matters.

And for talk of The Don`s imminent departure to subside.

If not, we know that either Conte`s most powerful political enemies remain; or that The Don has somehow mysteriously and unexpectedly transmogrified into the former one – not something that any true Blue will ever buy.


17 Replies to “Did we just witness a watershed Conte victory?”

  • I’d like to be optimistic Stan, but with the news the big man himself will be involved in day to day running does not bode well. Roman is better at being more hands off. The last few times Roman has stepped in the results have been disastrous, lets revisit Torres, hastily purchased ,and took several managers down, because they were unable to return him to his former pre -crocked knee glory . We could also revisit the appointment of Avram Grant and Henke Ten Cate (the latter boasting he was a street fighter ended up being reduced to tears by the players who mocked him , this double act which despite reaching the CL final, ended in tears . Followed by the just as disastrous Scolari, acting on Romans orders to being some Samba, he got the bamba instead, while Grampy Guus had to come in and restore some sense of order from the chaos . Next up tika taka merchant AVB was ordered to make a bunch of 30 somethings play like Barca, to which he got the sack .I expect the big man, while a genius with his biz ventures will screw the pooch again with us, as he has so many times in the past . He is a great owner, but he is greater when he is more hands off. Despite the brilliance of the Nike deal the Tsarina is also less than inspiring, she is a lawyer with no knowledge of footie, a wiz on the commercial side only . Given Conte himself can be “hot blooded “, i just do not see him making nice with the ice king and queen, with jobs at Milan, PSG and Real opening up this summer, its going to be tough to keep him . I really hope i am wrong and would love nothing more than to eat my words, but i just have a gut feeling this will not end well .

  • Geeezzzz. Wishful or wasteful thinking this. A coach that doesn’t see eye to eye with the CEO and an owner that sees coaches as the next concubines they wanna conquer or a some ferrari they just wanna drive and throwaway. Roman didn’t even see Conte till after the Bournemouth loss. Seems to me you have no bloody clue what’s going on. Transfers are all paper talk. With Fabregas, Bakayoko, Kante & Drinkwater here, what will Ross Barkley do? Drinkwater is playing like 10 – 15 minutes in the PL. Will play a couple during the festive season but once February is here, back to 10 – 15 minutes in the PL. Michy is hardly playing. New striker is not going to play. Waste of money. This is all paper talk and we ain’t signing none of them. Wasteful thinking to be linking paper talk with the strategy of the club. Wonder why you didn’t link Emenalo exit with the Hazard real madrid talks.

  • “Chelsea fans have been conditioned to believe in the American system, where the coach coaches whatever a general manager hands him.” – Ermmmm wrong. Chelsea have been run this way since Roman took over and if you hate it so much…….. As much as it has its flaws, the owner has won the most trophies in the premier league since he bought it. Why do you think he will change his strategy? I truly do wonder if one ever spends time to reading how CFC players are recruited and not on wasteful thinking. If Mou had his way, we’d have Stones and Christensen won’t be here. We’d have a dabbing Pogba and no Kante and Bakayoko. He had his way and we sold Lukaku and we would have bought him back for 75mm. Ridiculous decision making there. You were crying for control to be handed over and yet Manchester United has spent close to 300mm pounds under him and still don’t look significantly better than last season and he is already flirting with PSG leaving the toilet for another coach to come fix. Moreover, Barca, Bayern, Man City, Real Madrid, and Juventus are not run that way. So there is no American system or some agenda you’re trying to put out there.

  • Wow KAKUfrank: I vote for you as next Chelsea manager; no – check – Chelsea technical director; no – owner! Your wisdom seems to know no bounds, you’re thinking is so spot on. Well, according to you at least. I suggest you calm down, son, before you get a coronary lol. But seriously, don’t create imaginary opposition to suit your own arguments, matey. Nobody is criticizing the owner here, except the odd plastic. And you’re being a little bit cheeky on the former one’s achievements. For instance, love the owner and his check book, but choosing and paying for the coach who just came out of nowhere to win the Champions League in 2004 is hardly genius-level thinking: it just takes reading the sports pages lol. Or at least it may be genius where you come from. **** there’s 2 minutes I won’t get back again. Remind me not to waste my time on you again KAKA lol. JC

  • While I appreciate the effort @ Stan put into this article, I just think that as fans it is incredibly hard, if not impossible to discuss issues around Emenalo’s departure and Conte’s power/ Marina/Roman’s involvement at CFC and all that with any degree of accuracy. We only come up with narratives in our minds which is most times shaped by articles in tabloids who also have no clue about what is really going at chelsea and just write to get the clicks on their articles to sell and make some money. I prefer to be patient, watch to see if there will be good/bad changes at the club in the near to medium term especially regarding our transfer strategy and youth integration. The nature and extent of these changes can maybe shed a little more light of the level of Emenalo’s power prior to his resgination and the role he played at the club. That said, I will be surprised if we dont make at least one signing in January, maybe a low key signing but I am almost certain we will bring in at least one player in during the January window. January is almost here, and we will see.

  • Easy ladies! Though it does seem that the only one wedded to the tabloids here is you KAKUfrank, tbh. All that guff about who likes who and doesn’t like the other is just parroting the media hounding CFC as usual. Like Stan says, which other manager ever gets stuff written about whether or not he runs the team the way he wants? They only try and put the wind up the CFC with that ****. All in all I agree with the Stan: i reckon we’ll turn around in six months and realize that things have been much quieter and smoother than usual with Emenalo gone. KTBFFH

  • “Narratives in our minds” seems like a brilliant description of what the VC writers do. In Stan’s case it has elicited the usual column inches/debate from us lot. So I agree with you layorh – a job well done. JC

  • Thanks Michael, layhor, JC – as the ? at the end of my headline suggests, I’m just asking a question. COYB

  • Its funny despite the chaos of the managerial merry go round, we still keep winning things, as archaic as every thing sounds, it does work , so he must be doing something right . One way to look at it is all the managers and Kenyon, Gourlay, Arnessen and ME have just been stepping stones on our path to conquest .

  • Joe Clancy I think you are right. I am not one who thinks everyone is perfect and at times we should be able to question ANYONE including the coach, but good lord we have so many world class coaches on this site particularly KAKU and Latunvic. They should be made coaches, they seem to know better than any multi title winning coaches we have or had, and seem to be certain they will be able to keep their jobs rather easily.

  • What?s even more with these 2 is they question our coaches alllll the time, but look how defensive they get if we question the board. We simply aren?t allowed to question, and we have to have absolute evidence to prove without doubt our claims. While they question multi trophy winning coaches at will and make all sorts of bold outlandish statements they don?t feel they have to back up.

  • Wow, Pavel! I’ve never seen so many thumbs up! Could it be that this weird strain of fan that only Chelsea seem to attract and that supports and follows the board rather than the team is something that more and more people are finally seeing – and getting fed up with! Also, I happen to be an admirer of the people who write and generally make this page possible. I like the way they stick their necks out to have an opinion so that we have a campfire to sit around and talk. But you’ll notice that Merlin and Stan and techie always make it clear that they’re just volunteering an opinion – often in the form of a question. I’ve never seen anyone admit they were wrong more often than Stan. It’s a shame they don’t have the sheer genius of some of these commenters who scold them for daring to have an opinion – particularly when it is SO wrong, with the implication that THEY, the commenters, are SO right! Lol or what. JC

  • Michael R, much as I too love winning things and will be forever grateful to Mr A for keeping the club alive and relevant (for goodness sake, he could easily have been like the Blackburn owner Jack Wossname who simply gave up after they won one title!), it could also be said that, with the same resources, anyone on this page could have done the same. Starting off with picking the manager who got it all going. You come in as the new owner and you want the best and most energetic so, obviously, you get the young guy who just won the Champions League against all odds. After that Mr A has more or less made a) the logical managerial choice, which has bitten him on the a** only once in the shape of Scolari, or b) experimented earlier on with the likes of AVB or Robbie. The Don is, I strongly believe, the first managerial choice made by the ‘later-stage’, more mature and considered Abramovich. Which is why I think the owner has taken unusual steps to come closer to Conte and why I HOPE BEYOND HOPE that every step is taken to ensure that Conte stays. Despite the fact that the grown-up Abramovich has chosen a grown-up manager, in many ways a grown-up is even more likely to be frustrated, angered and insulted by some of the goings-on at CFC than say his less grown-up predecessor. Abramovich may have hoped that his latest most grown-up manager would be able to calm things down in the corporate politics area, but he has underestimated how little time and thus patience a great manager can have for that cr*p. In retrospect, it seems impossible to believe that ME didn?t either orchestrate or add to the political difficulties for the manager, or was simply too weak or cowardly to prevent them. Time will almost instantly tell with each second ME is gone. But the first signs are very hopeful, if only because the closer Mr A gets to the football the more his respect for The Don will grow.

  • Stan beware, I have already seen arguments claiming that if we happen to do good post ME it is still credit to his work and everything he has done. Some people have already propagated a safety net in that department.

  • I agree with you Stan , I love that you wear your heart on your sleeve , the passion comes through in your writing . To echo what Pavel just said , it?s amazing that ME gets credit for players Piet De Vissiet found and signed . Honestly at this point now the stadium is years away the next two windows will really show if the Don is supported

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