Date: 19th August 2017 at 10:37pm
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Finally, there’s the possibility that Diego Costa’s move away from Chelsea may be about to get the green light. The saga that has dragged on all summer and now become tedious is, according to some sources, about to be resolved.

Please let this be true, then we can move on from writing about the Atletico Madrid wannabe. Our source for the story is in The Daily Mail, they are claimimg that Madrid have offered a fee of £41m, with the ubiquitous add-ons taking the eventual price up to £50m. Chelsea are now playing hardball, as they are after £60m. With the crazy money changing hands for pretty average footballers at the moment, Costa has to be worth that. With Costa, you get what it says on the tin.

Madrid and Diego Simeone know exactly what they will be getting with Costa, although they won’t be able, to use him until January.

As Chelsea fans, I’m sure we can appreciate what Costa has achieved in his time at Stamford Bridge. Costa has always received the backing of the faithful, but his repayment for that leaves a very sour taste in the mouth.

As much as he tries to claim that he has been wronged in this whole saga, had he not tried to engineer a move to China in January, he would probably still be playing for Conte. Whatever the thinking behind that decision to look for a move away from London, it has ultimately backfired.

The time has come for Costa to move on now, we loved his passion, and we shared his pain on the field when the world was against him. However, Costa has acted in a way that has been disrespectful to the real custodians of Chelsea Football Club, those that really pay his wages. The ones on the terraces and those in front of tv’s shouting his name.

Diego Costa, as you wend your way to Madrid, I`m afraid to say you’ve let your club down, you’ve let your fans down but most of all, you’ve let yourself down. Ciao.


6 Replies to “Diego About To Turn Into The Past Tense”

  • @JerryO – you read a deal had been agreed for about 1000 players before, also. But, then, as we all know, the club doesn’t make it a habit to announce when deals have been reached. Only when sales are final.

  • I was guilty of posting in another thread that he had gone, i read on twitter from the same Simon Johnson from the ES, alas it has not happened yet. At this point just take the 41 mil and get this black cloud away from us.Come on board, we know you can sell .

  • I want to believe that the only club Costa can play for is Atlethico Madrid. Then one wonders why he left them in the first place. It is well.

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