Date: 17th August 2017 at 7:02am
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Chelsea`s attempts to bring Danny Drinkwater to the club are edging slowly forward. Along with his current team, Leicester City, the two protagonists are haggling the price to a suitable meeting point.

Chelsea have already put in an offer of £15m for the midfielder which the Foxes firmly rejected. However according The Daily Mail the Chelsea transfer team are keen to up the bid to £25m with the incentive of unspecified add-on clauses, bumping the deal upwards. The paper believe this deal will be rejected again as Leicester play hardball. They hope to take the £40m Chelsea received from the sale of Nemanja Matic to United.

Drinkwater, who is currently ‘injured`, would fill a gap in Chelsea`s midfield that the sale of the Serbian left. Add to that, he could reform the successful partnership with N`golo Kante that saw the Premier League title go to the King Power Stadium and the deal starts to make sense. The Mail believe a third offer of £30m plus add-ons would get the move on the road to a conclusion. Drinkwater would not be an automatic starter for Chelsea, but at 27, and with the inevitable pay rise that would come, it will need careful consideration by the player and his associates.

As Chelsea`s current squad situation is looking slim to say the least, any addition to bolster it would be most welcome.


16 Replies to “Drinkwater Move Edging Ever Closer”

  • i have never seen a board of directors that lacks negotiation power weak and slow. i hate reading any chelsea fc transfer news cause same story each day, they go around pricing players if Conte Resigns i wouldn’t blame him this is how they frustrated JM and he got the sack.

  • Read down the list of topics, apart from DD, it looks like once again we are chasing down blind allies for players that are never going to be made available. Which inevitably leads to panic buys. Nice one again Chelsea Board, as usual you are playing a blinder!!!

  • I sincerely hoped a CM at least would be brought in before Spurs, considering our shortages in that department and sale of Matic. But that won’t happen now, we’ll go in with a makeshift pairing there.

  • With the way the board is going about these transfers…. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna pull off another Djilobodji

  • Am surprised chelsea want to sign perisic not mahrez??? @Gabeu @solid please between perisic and mahrez who do you think chelsea should sign

  • @habbo your question regarding Perisic vs Mahrez is mulit layered.
    Here are my views;
    First i dont think we will get either of them but if i were to choose i would go with Perisic for the following reasons.; he is older and the more consistent and better overall player right now. Signing him would not be a death knell to the chelsea careers of Boga and Musonda and he may be a little cheaper which is always a major consideration with our board.
    It is true that Mahrez is certainly younger, more versatile in the final third and has a greater ceiling for improvement..he can play as a true no 10 and a winger and maybe even as a second striker but he is very inconsistent. The fact that we are clearly very interested in Danny Drinkwater and may end up getting him by August 31 (likely for ~ the 40 mill pounds Leicester is insisting on) essentially ends all chance of us also getting Mahrez from them. There is no way Leicester will sell us two of their starters in one transfer window. Final word..they are demanding 50 million pounds for him..that is why Roma and the Gunners ran for way our board will pay anywhere close to that for Mahrez who at best would be Hazard’s back up. Perisic is also the more complete player who has a modicum of defensive competence and ability which Mahrez lacks. Perisic is a traditional winger but could be shoehorned as a wingback..there is no way Mahrez can make that sort of transition..he is essentially an offense only player. The discussion is largely academic though..i would be shocked if we got either player. If ManU could not extract Perisic from Inter i dont think we can or will pull it of.

  • We could have had Sandro before Bonnucci and Alves left, had we given them what they asked for in the beginning how no chance , and here we are trying to lowball LC for Drinkwater, luckily no one else is in for him .

  • Here is something to get everyones blood boiling , Roberto Martinez wants to call Hazard up for two useless friendlies, luckily the Chelsea medical staff have to release him first .

  • PSG just told Draxler that he is surplus to requirement. Crazy stuff!. I wonder if there is a need for him our team. He plays predominantly on the left, which is owned by hazard, but interestingly he can also play the “Verrati” role in a 3-5-2 ( better than Fabregas in eyes because he is much better defensively). He has also played in a 4-2-4 before in Germany just off the main striker. I like his versatility, but I am not sure if he is a core need for us. He is priced at 35m pounds, I am guessing he will likely go to Man united ( as the alternative to Perisic) or Arsenal if they cant get lemar or if Sanchez does the impossible and leaves. Many things I want for chelsea this year, especially in this crazy window where good players are (surprisingly) available for decent prices, but looks like I wont get them lol. Whatever the board does, 3 more players and we are good to go.

  • ^^^If our preference is Barkley ( who by the way will be out for 8-12weeks with a new injury), then Draxler makes no sense in any way. Just saying lol

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