Date: 21st January 2018 at 2:11pm
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As the hours pass, it`s becoming more and more likely that Edin Dzeko will become a Chelsea player before the current transfer window ends on 31st January. It`s all come about, as these things, often do with Chelsea, quickly and covertly.

There are some fairly, in the journalists, who are starting to give indications that this rumour is more than your average tittlle-tattle.

We like the sound of this deal here at Vital Chelsea, the only sadness is, the Bosnian won`t be able to face Barcelona in the Champions League game. But with visits to both Manchester clubs to come, there can surely be no better suited up front for a return visit than Dzeko. City fans for sure won`t relish seeing their old player bang a couple of goals in at the Etihad.

The deal that has been mooted in The Guardian sees Dzeko and his teammate Emerson Palmieri arrive at Stamford Bridge for a fee in the region of £44m with add-ons increasing that to £57m in total. The article goes on to say that both players are keen for the move to happen and although Chelsea are reluctant to splash out the £57m, they believe a deal can be reached. Talks are due to continue on Monday.

Without wishing to stick our Vital Chelsea necks out too much, we think this deal could well get over the finishing line.


9 Replies to “Edin Dzeko More Than Just Tittle-Tattle”

  • Is it worth it? 25 to 30M for a 32 year old striker…. That is really expensive and will set a new world record. Well, at least he’s not an injury prone potential waste of money like Andy Carrol. Why can’t Conte just manage Mitchy till end of season. We’re not going to win EPL anyway, and Dzeko can’t play CL for us, so what’s the point? Are we paying that much just to win COC or Fa cup?

  • We need this deal to happen otherwise we risk dropping out of the top four. Morata is out of form. Bats is so inconsistent. For a short term I think paying such amount for a proven scorer especially in the EPL is worth it. Mathematically, we are not out of the title race. We still stand a chance to beat City, Man u, Liverpool and Spurs again.

  • The same fans claiming Conte should manage Michy until the end of the season would also be the ones to berate him when things go south and performances continue to dip. In february we have to play Man united, Barca and Man city in that order. Even if Dzeko cannot play CL , I am very confident he will be very useful in the league by practically bullying opposition center backs with great hold up play ( something Michy just cannot do against top oppositions) and will also allow Morata to be fully rested before CL games. Moreover, I believe the club is already looking beyond this season. Sign Dzeko and Emerson in January, let them use 6 months to settle in (together with Barkley) while ensuring we finish top 4. Next season add just 2players in the summer— a Vidal/Radja type of CM and a world class RF (at expense of Pedro maybe) and watch this team compete on all front for 4 major trophies. I hope the board gets Dzeko on board on time…..

  • @layorh12, how many goals has Dzeko scored in the last 10 to 15 games for Roma? You think Roma would let him go mid-season if he’s still that good/reliable. I think some fans are just desperate and want us to sign anything, even if it’s Peter Crouch. @Prince… lol! just my opinion…

  • I don’t like the deal. He’s a quality player no doubt. Has very little to do with bats as well for me. This deal, if his contract is anything more than 1 year, is a slap in the face of club legends like Terry, drogba and lampard. They played for our club for years and were held to a club policy of only 1 year deals for players over 30. Each year they were forced to play not knowing if they would get a deal the next year doing everything they could to earn that deal. Now dzeko will likely get 3 to 5 years despite having never done anything for us. It’s why I was against bonnuci. I’ll never support this deal. If we sign him, I’ll support the player. But this is wrong. Period. What happens now when our next generation of club legends turns 30 and the club say a, only 1 year deal sorry? But you have dzeko multiple years? I want it or i walk! Luna does have a point guys. He can’t play cl. We are too back in the premier league. We loan bats, morata goes down when we have cl or is out of form…We are worse off than now when we could at least use bats. Other rumours say we are going for leicster city’s slimani on loan due to this issue. Why would leicster agree? Not too mention that dzeko isn’t I the same form as he was last year. There us a reason Roma are willing to sell their striker in Jan when they too are in cl knockout. He could be useful in the cups and top 4 and let’s face it, conte might have to win one of those cups to keep his job. He definitely has to finish top 4. However, he may also walk out the door on his own this summer. Then we are stuck with a 32 year old that the next manager might not fancy. I’d say let’s go for aubayang, but he’s not a target man and plays more like bats which explains why we haven’t gone after him. He’s also cup tied for cl. Rather just do what hazard suggested. Use morata bats and hazard as the strikers, do our best in cl, cement top 4 and try for the domestic cup double. Then, if conte stays, address the issues in the summer. However, if he signs I’ll certainly be wishing him all the best and I’ll back the player to bang in goals. If this keeps conte happy, then I guess, so be it!

  • Would have been a great signing 3 or 4 years ago. A decent signing now. I get the point about the multi year contract but I think players like Drogba, Lampard, Terry and even Gary Cahill all signed 5 year deals shortly before they turned 30.

  • Well said @Eric… spot on! You took the explanation/argument deeper than I did. We refused to pay 12M for Llorente, now some people want us to pay over 25M for another version of Llorente. It makes no sense. To make matters worse, the guy is cup-tied… that’s about 4 to 5 negatives; 1,too old, 2,dross/poor form, 3,too expensive, 4,cup-tied and 5,target man type CF/not something we really need.

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