Date: 11th December 2011 at 11:38am
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Went out on Friday and spent the whole Saturday recuperating. The only game I watched was El-Clasico.

My general comments are as follows:

1.) Why is ‘Cristina’ Ronaldo being considered top 3 finalist for world footballer of the year?

All this guy does is to score penalty kicks, free Kicks and freebies created by Di Maria against Sporting Gijon and co. He should have been taken out for Callejon in the 2nd half three seasons at Real Madrid now and not even one memorable game against Barcelona. Messi continues to outshine him. Two of Barcelona’s goals were a result of Messi’s forward runs. Minus modelling for Armani boxers, body washes, and deodorant which other Madrid players can’t do, they can score teams 6s and 7s without him. Stats will show you all the goals he has scored, but they won’t tell you 11 have been from open play while Messi has 16 from open play, Benzema has 8 and Higuain has 12 goals.

2.) Is Kaka really past it?

What a joke……. Had more touches than Cristina with his few minutes on the pitch. Created the sitter Cristina missed and forced Valdez to the best save all in the space of his few minutes. Truly showed what a real world footballer is supposed to play like with 500 million people watching.

3.) Cesc Fabregas was living up his Arsenal mentality which is choking and losing concentration as well as possession in vital areas of the pitch until his goal.

4.) Puyol was superb and how is he still that fast? My MOTM. Reminded me of JT’s performances in the last 2 games we’ve played.

5.) I see Sanchez learned the tricks of the dirtiest Brazilian fullback of the last 5 years. Is this the end of David Villa’s starting XI position with Sanchez’s goal yesterday even though Sanchez like Fabregas were not fantastic?

6.) Were Cole and Bosingwa watching yesterday? Dani Alves was showing them how to cross a ball into the back of the 18.

7.) Do you guys remember anything about that Barca midfield? They all remind of Romeu. The ball is so in and out of that department. Biscuits was like Romeu. Win the ball and distribute before you even know who won the tackle…

8.) Sergi Roberto, Cuenca and Thiago will hardly get starting XI shirts. Will rather bid or spend £5mm, £7mm and £15mm – £20mm on them than spend £30mm on Modric.

9.) AVB was getting the heat about his high line, pressing football and being clueless? Did any of you see how a high a line Mourinho’s Real Madrid was playing? Yesterday wasn’t the first day they played that. They’ve been playing that all season. However, this is joined by the fantastic pressing of the forward players in Di Maria, Benz and Ozil. Contrary to what a lot of fans and pundits claimed was tactics for the Portuguese league or tactics against Mickey Mouse teams, El Clasico proved his style is just the way modern football is played.

We already knew Barca played this way, but the master tactician in Mourinho is also playing this style of football today. What is funny though is Barca played deeper, but this may be a result of Madrid forwards pushing them deeper….which is what pressing is supposed to achieve?

The game also pointed to us like ours pointed that if you don’t take your chances in this style of play. You will get punished. Madrid could have killed that game off in the first 30 minutes Barca had hardly had any chances in that first half, but Real were missing sitters.

10.) I think it is high time the name is changed to El Dominante. Real and Mourinho simply have no answer.

Will AVB and Chelsea be able to beat any of the two?

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