Date: 5th October 2017 at 9:44pm
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Without any Premier League action currently going, the international break gives an opportunity for Chelsea fans to support the country of their birth. In my case that`s England, *sighs*, to be honest I don`t really take that much interest in international football affairs, well, what`s the point.

I`m not sure what`s worse, the banal performances from a team, who appear unfamiliar with the game they are paid millions to play, or the raft of excuses the commentary team use to try and rationalise what they are seeing in front of them.

Watching the game on one of the UK`s national TV providers, ITV, you could use Glenn Hoddle`s punditry for any game that features England. It`s the same dross every game, punditry and football. England labour through every game they play and end up chasing a victory, that sometimes comes late, as it did tonight. Why anyone pays to watch it is beyond my comprehension. So bad was this game, that when asked to name his England Man of the Match, the best Hoddle could come up with was Joe Hart, who had, literally, just made one double save.

There is just no passion in the England set up, to watch Gareth Southgate overseeing proceedings is painful in the extreme. I`m sure he`s a nice man, but watching him, I`m not sure there`s actually anything going on in his head. Ex-Chelsea coach Steve Holland left to further his career with England, I`m doubting it was a wise move.

I can discuss it all no more, I only hope whoever your national team is, they got a good result and you enjoyed watching it.


3 Replies to “England Scrape Through, Roll On Palace Away”

  • Going back to 2014 when things were going pear shaped under the ex, our ex dropped Cahill, instead of doing a JT and fighting for his place, the rat ran to the media and started crying about how he was going to have to leave because he was fighting for his WC place, luckily for him Guus restored him . I have never seen Cahill care about Chelsea like he cares about England . While i do think he deserves what he gets with England i do not think he deserves to be our Captain .After the City game Azpil and some of the others went to applaud the Chelsea fans, Cahill stormed off down the tunnel . Like Rooney he is a man who yells at others for his own mistakes . Him Southgate and the FA deserve each other, this surely is the worst England team i have seen in my lifetime . Rude awakening coming up in Russia, but the FA will reward that pompous little idiot Southgate with another contract . Sadly for us when Cahill gets dropped again we will have to put up with him crying to the newspapers again, only this time i hope we let him go .Nothing harsh in showing him the loyalty he shows us .

  • I am not English, but the english team was pretty awful today. I have watched their last 4 matches in the WC qualifiers and If I am to he honest, I just dont think Southgate is right man for that role. He does not have enough to handle such a big position imo. The current England team does not have a lot of world class players, but it still has very good players. My major issue with Southgate is that he is not milking out anything remotely close to the best of this current crop of players as a team talkless of creating a side where the final output will be greater than the sum of the parts. Its pretty clear that England will disappoint (once again) if Southgate takes them to the WC. Congrats for the qualification though….

  • As ever we have no identified style of play, no idea of what we are supposed to be doing – I have no confidence that we will even get past the first stage of the WC when it starts – and Mike I agree with you comments about cahill – he is getting away with murder every week here at CFC and is equally good at hiding at international level. As for Southgate – nice guy wrong planet

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