Date: 6th February 2018 at 11:14am
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The rumour-mill has gotten into full swing this morning, following Chelsea`s abject failure to get a result at Vicarage Road last night.

With the media taking full advantage of our misfortune, one source has stepped forward to suggest that Tuesday 6 February could go down in the history books as the day the reign of Antonio Conte came to an end.

The Spanish media source, Football Espana, are reporting that Antonio Conte will be axed today and that he will be replaced with the former Celta Vigo, Roma and Barcelona boss, Luis Enrique.

Our referenced source is adamant that the out-of-work Spaniard, who is on a sabbatical after leaving the Nou Camp last May, is Chelsea`s next choice to have a go at what is fast becoming a mission impossible.

Although, if true, the appointment would throw up a very enticing early fixture with Enrique going head-to-head with his former club, Barcelona, in a Champions League fixture.

Here at Vital Chelsea we`ll do our best to keep abreast of things and report back as deemed necessary.


7 Replies to “Enrique In, Conte Out – TODAY?”

  • It makes total Abramovich sense. Get a guy who used to manage Barcelona – a club that attracts the world’s top players, effortlessly – and then expect him to manage a squad of good (but not great) players, but get Barcelona results. Oh, and give him no say over the transfers – transfers which won’t happen, anyway, given our toxic reputation. Give him expectations and later, ultimatums. But make sure that the coaching pedigree is always higher than the player pedigree. Expect Lionel Messi quality on a Charlie Adam budget. And then fire the manager when the first glimpse of reality comes peeking through the veil of the fantasy world that has been created by owner cluelessness. Actually, the more you think about it, the more the Enrique story makes perfect sense. And if he’s stupid enough to take the job, then the world is right, after all.

  • We will probably give him a 10million pound a year contract for 5 years then sack him after a month costing the club 50m bargain

  • Solid perfect assessment, luckily for us the lauded Lucho or Pep lite has allegedly turned us down.

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