Date: 7th February 2018 at 12:25pm
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Although Antonio Conte`s tenure as the head-coach of Chelsea Football Club looks set to continue, the story hunting media have come up with a corking piece of transfer tittle-tattle.

Emanating from the French news source, Le10Sport, it relates to a possible signing if, as some news sources are suggesting, Antonio Conte is replaced by, sometime down the line, with Luis Enrique.

Our referenced source is of the opinion that if Enrique is appointed the new head-coach of Chelsea Football Club, sometime down the line, his first required signing would be somebody we`re very familiar with Luis Enrique, who Enrique knows all about through his time with Barcelona.

The Uruguayan, you may recall, was involved in an unsavoury incident whereby he decided to sink his teeth into the arm of Branislav Ivanovic.

But could the suggestion have any solid foundations?

Here at Vital Chelsea we`d like to think not.

The striker would cost Chelsea a small fortune to lure away from Barcelona and at the age of thirty-one, his future is somewhat limited, plus there`s the small problem of his age preventing recouping a sizeable chunk of any transfer fee paid out if Chelsea were to move him on.

But, it is an interesting piece of speculation don`t you think!


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