Date: 24th January 2014 at 7:27am
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I am well aware that this site exists to allow all our fans, wherever they are in the world, to express an opinion and I love reading the many diverse, often well reasoned ones that get posted on here.

What I don’t enjoy is reading all the negative, so called opinions, usually presented by their authors as fact, or at least leaving little doubt that the writer is 100% certain he’s correct and making all too clear that no way is anyone else’s counter opinion going to get any sort of consideration.

Enough of opinions for now in this article, let`s have some REAL FACTS!

Fact 1 – Mata is going, (subject to terms and a medical) and to Manure at that. I don’t like it, I want to keep him but, I’ve wanted to keep every half decent player that’s ever pulled on our shirt, even if we’d already signed a better replacement, I wanted to keep them, just in case someone got injured, or just to stop a rival getting him, or I liked the colour of his eyes….- OK, so that last one’s a lie but you get the message.

Fact 2 – Salah is signing for us (again subject to terms and a medical) – Personally I like it, he looked a very decent player v us in the last couple of years, his club scoring record is decent for a midfielder and even better for his national side, suggesting he may prosper when playing with better team mates. Now I don’t know how many of those games for Egypt were against good opposition, I don’t even know whether Egypt are a better side than Basle but, and here’s

Fact 3 – I bet Jose knows, because I guarantee the club’s scouts have done their job and passed that knowledge to Jose. And do you know what? Fact 3 is really the only one that matters and we should be celebrating that. The Special One left us last time, in no small measure due to a breakdown in his relationship with Roman – the bringing in of Avram Grant being the most public display of that. But the word is that both Roman and Jose have changed and now have a great working relationship. Long may it continue because IN MY OPINION, or is it ……………..

FACT 4 – Jose Mourinho at Chelsea = trophies won or at the very least genuinely challenged for. And for a fact, I love that. What’s your opinion?