Date: 26th December 2012 at 8:42am
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How do we go about it in January?

Now, I am actually looking at the FFP that is threatening European clubs and at the same time finding the best solution for our team.

Some people might argue that we need to undergo a spending spree to make us compete for the Premier League (forgetting we spent over £80m in the summer) but I am about to argue against that.

First I want to address the issue some of you made against David Luiz being a midfielder…some said he lacks the pace of a midfielder but out of Lluiz and Mikel who is faster?

Some say he lacks the physicality Luiz and Carrick or Lucas who is stronger?

Some say he hasn’t played a big game and this same people said he better than Mikel in midfield yet Mmikel was our DMF in the UCL final, what other game is bigger than that?

Remember Mikel started his career as an AMF and he has been our DMF over the years.

This article might be easy for you guys to criticize because you want an established midfielder like Fellaini and Wanyama but remember Fellaini started as a DMF and he now plays behind the striker/AMF for Everton and this his latest position is where he has earned more plaudits.

I am sure the Everton supporters didn.t wait for him to play a big game behind the striker before they were sure he could do it and supported him and Wanyama, with due respect, how many big teams are in the SPL that Wanyama has faced week in week out?

Well my main reason for writing this is looking at the possibility of spending £50m pounds or less this January transfer window in order to boost our chances of complying with the Financial fair play rule.

Remember we aren’t saying our squad isn’t strong enough to win the EPL but we are just bemoaning our squad depth that we need to strengthen at most three positions which are the Centre forward role, the Defensive Midfield and the Attacking midfield or wing.

This is my own solution to these roles the attacking midfield: we have the likes of Hazard, Mata, Marin, Oscar, Moses and Piazon, even though Moses will be away for about a month, the remaining 5 players are capable of seeing us through before Moses returns with Piazon getting more games.

Now then the Defensive midfield: David Luiz has been a revelation and the way it looks, he seems to be the best DMF we have at present and even with Mikel leaving for about a month, Chalobah is also there to step in.

And if I have to consider Luiz as a DMF that will make us short as Centre Back, but remember Jeffery Bruma?

There are reports saying Chelsea will cut his loan short in January because he wasn’t able to return to the Hamburg first team after his injury but he has been a regular there, so I am of the opinion that he is experienced enough to be a 3rd choice centre back behind Terry and Cahill and even Ivanovic can be our 4th option at CB.

While Ivanovic and Azpilicueta remains our right back option… that will leave us with the centre forward role unaddressed and with Lukaku wanting to stay on loan for another season it would leave the club with an option to spend on only a CF.

It would be up to them if they are going to sign a world class striker or a decent goal scorer because the board has the power to decide that…. but in summary this is what I mean:-

David Luiz to midfield, Bruma recalled back to defence, Piazon given more time on the pitch and finally we only have to spend on a CF, with this we can still compete for the league!

What I have just written here is my own opinion the board makes the decision and I sincerely hope they get it right come January!