Date: 17th December 2012 at 4:41pm
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Either it is the owner (Roman Abramovich) or a fading legend or an interim manager looking to gain some popularity.

The pressing question I ask all of you is – are the affairs of this great club of ours being managed to suit individual glory?

CASE NUMBER ONE: Let’s take a look at our benevolent owner who rescued the club from a fate most fans shudder to even think about and an owner who has generously spent on world-class talents thereby making a world class team.

However, some would say, his flaws are there for all to see, which most of us agree started with the sacking of ‘The Special One’ who allegedly wouldn’t stand for the interference of the owner.

And most obvious of all is the intro of ‘tiki taka’ at the reported insistence of Roman, although beautiful in its origins it has brought the club more negatives than positives. But the most vivid flaw of all is the ruthless sacking of a club legend who won us the most coveted trophy the owner and the fans have wished for, whether it was deserved or not I guess that argument is for another day.

However can you really blame him to seek his way or glory to some extent after investing over a billion dollars in a club he has grown to love and cherish?

CASE NUMBER TWO: Here we take a look at a player who in all senses has given his all to a club which he has adopted as home over a period of 10 years. Frank Lampard has sweated and shed tears and has also had to overcome the painful loss of his mother to take to the field to represent his dear club.

In spite of all this, it increasingly seems our once esteem legend has fallen from his mantle (in some fans eyes – not mine – editor) for his recent poor performances which seemingly comes from a lack of discipline or not being fully acquainted with his new role.

Or as most of us have rightly pointed out, is his neglect of his basic duties as a Defensive Midfielder as he constantly bombs forward to seek personal glory as he inches close to Bobby Tambling’s record of the most goals scored by a player for this fine club of ours.

However it is his recent behavior which has lost him some die-hard Lampard fans which is his cunning way of getting his own way by running to the media or causing unrest in the camp by his posture if things are not going his way (are you sure? – editor). Has the once darling boy of CFC put his own glory ahead of that of the club?

But even with all this in mind can you really blame him, with so much passion and desire to play for his beloved club, yet there is an increasing sense that he is not wanted at where he craves most to be. So why not devise a way to still put him in the limelight even if it means for his own (glory) to that of the club.

CASE NUMBER THREE: Lastly, we have an interim manager who is being booed by the fans of the club he is tirelessly working for. A manager whom, from day one of his tenure; the fans have made it known to that he is not wanted at the club, albeit for good reasons in their view.

So he gets an opportunity to win a trophy and shut the ‘boo boys’ up for a while and probably thought to himself, what if I play the fans favourite and out of favour legend who is clearly craving for attention and win the trophy I bet that will get the fans off my back for a while longer.

This we all know backfired greatly and further made us a ridicule of most of the pundits and opposition fans who continue to say our heroic efforts at the Nou Camp and Allianz Arena were a damn fluke.

So I ask you all if all these people are seemingly seeking for self-glorification, what does the future of our club hold and who is seeking the good welfare of the club and the fans to an extent?

My personal opinion is that only Roman (despite his flaws) currently has the club interest at heart and him seeking self glorification has seen the club enjoy its most successful era since it was established.

And for the two cases I respectfully hold my comments back.

Your opinions would be most welcome!