Date: 5th August 2018 at 9:30am
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At Wembley, this afternoon, when Chelsea take on Manchester City in the 2018 Community Shield, Eden Hazard will be conspicuous by his absence.

Like several others who should be gracing the occasion, for both sides, they have yet to return to training after being involved in the recent 2018 World Cup in Russia.

According to one well-respected source, the Times, Hazard is expected back at the club on Monday.

With that being the case, our referenced source is implying that upon his return Chelsea will hold immediate talks with the 27-year-old to discuss his future.

Amongst the enticements being offered to persuade Hazard to stay is a salary hike, an increase that would see our jewel-in-the-crown earn £300,000 a week.

Now whether money alone will be enough to persuade the Belgian international to ditch any thoughts of joining Real Madrid remains to be seen.

Sat here, in the editorial chair, I reckon the next forty-eight hours will be the most crucial, Chelsea will be only too aware that if Hazard’s mind is set on a move to the Bernabeu they’d, with the transfer window closing at midnight on Thursday, have very limited time to source a replacement and get any potential deal wrapped up.

How do you, the Vital Chelsea fraternity, see this one panning out?

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19 Replies to “Forty-Eight Hours That Could Make Or Break Chelsea’s Season”

  • hazard should remain at chelsea,let no money make him to fly away from stamford bridge

  • Comment , please HAZARD should remain at stamford bridge, he should not live now ,he will get what he need

  • Chelsea pls buy SERI AND SAVIC
    PLS dont let hazard go,u will see that we are going to come have trophy in d end both premier league and Europe league thanks

  • please hazard we need you more and we are proud to have a best player like you.and realy you are the best player in the warld

  • Comment please I really want you to remain in my Darling club know matter what Madrid offer we love you here and I need you the most

  • I am a blue to the core, but to be realistic the kind of board Chelsea have lead by a woman can and will never get Chelsea to anywhere.
    Every true followers of Chelsea transfer activities knows what l’m talking about, when Mike Emelano was there we use to think that he was the problem, but now, your guess is as good as mine.
    Just sit down and look otherwise you as a blues supporter will just develop hbp.
    Abramovich have no interest for the club as much but wants to trophies with spent and novice players.

  • If Hazard watched this nonsence today he’ll be on the phone to his agent to consider his options, couldn’t blame him.

  • To those who are wishing or begging E.Hazard to stay, do you realise the lad hasn’t CFC in his heart anymore? Why do you guys have really to wish or beg Eden to remain with us whilst his mind and heart are elsewhere? He is obviously not interested by the money, because if that was the case he would have put pen on the paper long ago since last season when that wage increase was proposed to him. And you will remember around the end of last season Eden and Courtois stated clearly that before signing an extension with the club they would like to see first which players the club will be bringing in for this season. And which player the board has brought in so far? I guess you will all agree with me not the kind of players Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus will buy and give a place on their first team. So in one hand I won’t blame Hazard for wanting more and better for his career. On the other hand we must recognise that our club has been outweighted for quite sometime now on the transfer market. If Juventus can sign CR7, why not CFC? That’s how a club shows its intentions. And all of this is because something is no longer right with our board. At the time our club signed the like of players like Drogba, Essex, Makelele… including him Hazard, if the club was having the status we are having today, I strongly doubt all those players would have signed for CFC. Good managers don’t want us anymore, same with good players who are avoiding us. The best that we have are all more than willing to leave us. We have now to find strategies for us to keep them, then again we will have to find a way to motivate them to play their lives for this club.

  • I hope to see him n Chelsea for the nest season pls do everything to make him stay, he is a gm changer, seeing hazard in Chelsea is my prayer now b/cos it hard to replace.

  • We need to lose a few big stars – the bigger, the better. Then we need to fall out of the upper half of the table. And then we need to not be able to recruit any more big stars or managers. And finally, we need Roman Abramovich to be frustrated, and realize once and for all that money doesn’t buy whatever his heart desires, and that he can’t control everything. Then, we need his frustration to lead to a sale, which puts us back on the path to being a football club.

  • To be sincere the money Chelsea offered to a world class player like hazard is too small. How many players in epl that are receiving similar or close to the amount he has being offered by his current team. So also the club is not ready to win a champion league, because the club don’t want to remove money to buy a high class attacker.

  • From the look at thing the way at which are not going on well in the transfer market is palying a major role in this guys wanting to leave. So the board should better starting doing things right. I cant just believe that chelsea will go to the market and cant get title winning players like before

  • Pull your head out of the sand! No top players want to come to this club! Roman Abramovich is toxic, and the longer he stays, the deeper the rot will grow, whilst former rivals will rebuild and grow – mostly by using our club as an example of how NOT to run a club.

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