Date: 22nd January 2013 at 1:02pm
Written by:

Yesterday, my headlining article aimed at those members who I feel let Chelsea Football Club down with their barbed and negative comments, provoked quite a response.

Whilst several applauded me for the stance I`ve taken, there were several that seemed to be under the impression that freedom of speech allows them write what they want, regardless of any implications their content may have,

So let me put the record straight!

Now whilst this may be an unofficial site which has always welcomed views from those who take advantage of its free membership, and will continue to do so, I, as the editor am responsible for everything contained within its framework, to the extent that I am liable for prosecution if anyone crosses the boundaries of decency. I think you`ll all agree that, at times, places me in a precarious position.

Returning to the ethic of free speech though, it has to be understood that there are limits to what is acceptable, there have to be boundaries set that abide by the laws I`m obliged to adhere to.

Whilst some of you may think there`s not a lot wrong with what you post, sometimes it does cross the line bordering on the offensive. In the past, I`ve probably been negligent by turning a blind eye to such comments – but no more.

In the past I`ve threatened to take action on serial offenders, a threat I now intend to follow up on.

Therefore, any posts that I deem to have erred on the wrong side of free speech will be removed.

Persistent offenders will then find that the axe will be swung and that their login will be blocked.

It may be a draconian measure but although I promote free speech, I`m not prepared to see this site ruined by a few who can`t abide by the simple rules set.

You have been warned!