Date: 26th June 2011 at 4:14pm
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The negative press we receive has a long history.

When I first started watching from the old Shed the press headlines were all about the terror we fans inflicted on the populace of provincial towns in the midlands and north.

We had the cheek to take ten thousand fans away and take over their grounds. There was aggro but as usual it was greatly exaggerated
Then came Ken Bates who banned the Mirror and laid into the hackery generally. Naturally as is their nature they mounted a vendetta. Back then we were the ‘orrible oiks` a club with great potential a huge catchment area and support but never won much.

We had a few years grace when Bates mortgaged the club and brought in some great well respected players and managers.

Since Roman brought the Club the press attack is all about the fact that we are no longer a proper football club brought success blah blah. It may be true that he has at times taken decisions that seem to be detrimental to our own club but it would be interesting to look at what actual effect he has had on football in England in general.

Firstly has he made the Premier League stronger or weaker?

When he arrived there were two clubs Man Utd and Arsenal in the hunt for the major trophies. Next season Man City will be right in the mix, as would Arsenal if they could bear to open their wallets.

Would those Arabs be at Man City if Abramovich hadn’t shown what could be done with investment in the right club?

Our Academy is producing talent for other clubs non stop (unfortunately) and the amount of money he has put into the club that has been given to other clubs in transfer fees across Europe is money taken from business (No doubt there will be loads of insinuations that his business is not legit etc yawn) into football.

And lastly it has given the hackery something to write about. What Carefree means to us staunch fans who have been through the relegation years is we don’t care what stuff you write.

Its not in our DNA to support a club that ‘does what it wants’ Obviously it would be more professional if the press based some of their assumptions about why the owner does what he does on facts but that would be impossible because wisely he never talks to the press so can’t be misquoted.

In those circumstances with no recourse to bugging his phone they turn to the age-old skill of the English hack and do what they do best and make it up.

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