Date: 24th October 2017 at 9:41am
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Somebody who we are indebted to for taking Chelsea Football Club to the level it now occupies, is celebrating his birthday.

Our owner, Roman Abramovich, is celebrating his 51st birthday.

When Roman took over Chelsea Football Club, in June 2003, nobody could foresee just where his influence would take us.

From being on the threshold of winning trophies, Roman moved Chelsea into the upper echelons of world football, a level where it is expected that the side will win a trophy each season, as opposed to hoping for such an event.

When Roman first took over, our rivals goaded us that we would be just a passing fad and that Roman would cast us adrift after the novelty had worn off.

Fourteen years later, Roman is still with us as we continue to be a major force in football and set to, in the near future, move into a revamped Stamford Bridge that will be our home for many a year to come.

When Roan took over the reins at Stamford Bridge there were mutterings that Chelsea were not far from being placed into administration, dragged down by the Eurobond needed t built the West Stand, I often wonder what would have happened if Roman hadn`t have come along.

Happy Birthday Roman from all at Vital Chelsea.


8 Replies to “Happy Birthday Roman Abramovich”

  • Happy Birthday Roman. I think what i love most about you is been genuine in sharing the love and pain all through the years. For someone as rich and famous like you. shifting in your seat in anticipation and celebrating wildly with the fans, I can’t ask for anything more. Thanks for everything… I can boldly say that Zola made me a chelsea fan… but Roman ensured i stay forever..

  • Happy birthday Mr A. Rather than have your legacy summed by a fat checkbook, please get personally involved in the club you profess to love and get rid of the Premier League’s worst board of directors. You have had some brilliant managers at Stamford Bridge, none more so than the present one. Managers so brilliant that they’ve actually managed some success even with that awful board’s interference/lack of help and support. PLEASE PLEASE have a big clearout and put in some people who know football – but don’t want to use that knowledge to undermine the manager like one we could mention. Never mind spending millions on new players for now, just lay out a little for new directors. Cheers. Big Stan.

  • He is probably not having a good day, one of the stadiums he built for the WC collapsed injuring four workers . And it was in Putin’s hometown no less.

  • An unqualified Happy Birthday Mr A, our savior in the past, our reason to be thankful now & our hope for the future. As far as this fan is concerned you have earned the right to hire & fire who the hell you like.

  • Happy belated birthday Roman, they said you would tire of Chelsea Football Club, but you haven?t and you remain as committed as ever. Cheers

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