Date: 12th April 2017 at 12:46pm
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With speculation being aired on a daily basis relating to the future of Eden Hazard, somebody who earned so much respect during his career, Marcel Desailly, has had something to say in relation to the Belgian`s future.

Desailly, who showcased his talents with some of the best clubs in Europe, questions whether Hazard`s inconsistency might deter him from moving to the Bernabeu.

Speaking on Talksport, Desailly points out that Hazard might not, if he can`t produce those world-class displays on a regular basis, want to go to Real Madrid if his game time becomes restricted, or as Marcel succinctly puts it,

“I`m not sure Eden Hazard has that intention of being that top player, being first choice at Real Madrid.

“Remember, Hazard has been in the Chelsea system for five years, and he`s been doing well, but he`s not been doing what we expected of him – scoring goals and being the equivalent of Ronaldo or Messi, he`s on and off.

“I`m not sure he`s full ready to change and take the risk, because he will want to play regular football.”

Does the 48-year-old former French international have a point?

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20 Replies to “Has Desailly Got a Point?”

  • I agree with Desailly intoto. Harzard is Hazard not Messi or Ronalda. Going to Madrid to become either of those guys will be a mistake. Today James Rodriquez is regretting joining Madrid because of lack of game time.

  • in as much as I want hazard to stay at CFC,I also do not believe he will be benched at real.this guy oozes class.the only low point for him joining real is his shy nature. he isn’t a guy for the show thing like cr7.

  • With due respect to Desailly I completely disagree with him on Hazard stepping up big time. Messi & Ronaldo got their push from Pep & SAF respectively, Hazard could ‘ve gone ahead from 2014/15 upwards but for the cagey/defensive set up tactics of the Former One which limited his skills set, expressions & general bite. That attitude plus misery injuries (which many fans esp our rivals & haters don’t believe) impeded or stalled his development. No surprise you always hear of his consistencies or not citing only 2015/16 season as an example which for me is a craft of bad/hostile media & completely unfair or too harsh on the lad. But now Conte’s tactics is playing to his strength as the main man even ahead of Costa. He drifts anywhere in the final third & that makes it difficult for opposition to keep him silent. As such he is now flourishing, scoring goals; & I can only see him getting better as the system is perfected over time. I hereby believe that moving to Madrid at this point means he could no longer be the main man as Madrid may not alter their system only to play to his strength. Although I agree that he will not warm the bench like James & Isco their main man in that set up still remains Ronaldo. So contrary to the claim by our legend I see Hazard pushing & stepping up “big time” courtesy of Don Antonio in 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 as the case may be. Therefore my take is this even when a player no matter how talented decides to step up, he will only achieve that with his coach’s guidance/cooperation to set up the system & play to his strength. KTBFFH!!!

  • Off topic guys the king has spoken on Skysports news today! For those of us anti Lukaku, due to one reason or another, in doubt he can make it here?……. Give it a rest as Drogba confirmed that the Kraken is set for a return ahead of next season. That if there is anything subject wants now is to prove to everyone he can live his dream & make it in a Chelsea shirt having already knew the house. Over there to Sky for the full interview pls. KTBFFH!!!

  • We know that you’re the chief Lukaku fanboy, and unofficial spokesman… But who we choose to prefer as a player isn’t something that you have the privilege of stifling. Just as you make it sound as if you’d like to steep some tea on your chin, we also, may feel free to express our anti-return sentiments, until the day that the deal is done. As for believing what is in the papers… they have been wrong infinitely more times than they’ve been right, with regards to transfer talk. If it is true, shame on Drogba for letting that out. It’s not an ethical statement, as it would be in negotiations, and the agent or player should be the one to break the news. (it’s not courteous to speak of another club’s players while they are still under contract and/or outside of an active window) And should Drogba actually be full behind this player, and we pay THAT MUCH to bring him back, and he doesn’t live up the hype AND pay dividends – then I will have lost a bit of respect for Drogba. Being a friend and mentor speaks volumes, but club’s best interest has to come first.

  • I am still unconvinced that Lukaku can emulate an in-form Costa. It would also be a crime if we give Batshuayi the Lukaku treatment now and in a few years. (as I still feel that he showed more promise from an earlier age)

  • “We know that you’re the chief Lukaku fanboy, and unofficial spokesman.”
    You got it wrong about me @Solid7 ‘cos am not a fan of his verbal diarrhea & reluctance to compete against Costa & Torres. I was here on the same page with Stamford D Lion & other members hailing his exit whilst combination of Costa & Drogba delivered the PL title that year. That position is bit harsh on me mate; though myself & many others supported his arrival ‘ab initio’ with Drogba taking good care of him then. To be fair DD didn’t disclose to that point blank range rather dropped a major hint which a dumb can read btw the lines. He admitted knowing where Lukaku is headed next but refused to talk straight & was professional with the info. Be that as it may I can’t deny the fact no matter what opinion I hold about a player, surely I change & support after he signs for us. Not only Lukaku am not even a fan of Courtois for similar verbal diarrhea esp when they are on Int’l duty. But all these are off topic as the fact in issue remains what do we make of the comment by another Legend Marcel Desailly about our very own Eden Hazard. Cheers!

  • Alright, fair enough. I’m on the same page with you – if he actually signs, that makes him our own player, and we don’t talk down one of our own – so long as he keeps it professional, and holds the interests of the club, above his ego. Until he becomes our player, though, I dislike him greatly. Not the least was his previous issues, but also because I’m not sold on his technical ability. We have a very different style of play than Everton, relying much more heavily on technically savvy players with quick fire decision making skills. Our boy Lukaku is not that player… It would be a huge financial risk to pay what’s being floated as his price to return.

  • Until he is one of our own, i am free to down right not like him for personal reasons if i want.

  • Drogba: “I think he wants to prove he can be successful here, he didn’t get the chance to do it. Chelsea is his club since he was young.”

  • It doesn’t mean anything for a player to claim loyalty to a club, after asking to be (permanently) removed from it. You can either be a loyalist, or you can be a professional – I have no problem with either one – but you can’t swing freely between the definitions. Lukaku was here, he had his chance, and he either was either on the verge of a breakthrough, or he was too impatient to earn it. (and let’s not forget that he wasn’t very good) Either way, lots of players and fans have been admirers of a club since youth, and would love to give it a go – but it doesn’t mean that they should be in the starting XI. (or even at the club) Drogba’s desire to be a mentor is admirable, but I don’t share his enthusiasm. I’d rather see Batshuayi developed and used. Or somebody completely different, who hasn’t already squandered their chances at the club.

  • Instead of working so hard for Lukaku, why doesn’t Didier come mentor Batshuayi? Focus on what we’ve got!

  • Antonio Conte, when asked about Drogba’s comments: “I have great respect for Didier Drogba because he?s a legend for Chelsea but I can?t talk about this because it?s not right to talk about players who are playing for another team. You must have respect for other players, for the other teams and also for my own players.”

  • In other words – “I know that everyone loves him, because he was a hero here – but DD really needs to shut his mouth and stop talking about it.” LOL

  • Mourinho: ?They have a certain style of play, they stick to it, they do it very well.

    ?Not every team defends with 11 players, and they defend with 11 players.

    ?Not every team is so objective in their counter-attacks.

    ?They are very objective in the counter-attack and they have individual players out of the context of the game that can also resolve the problems.

    ?So they are a very strong team.?
    – I don’t know what is the Former One’s problem or obsession with CFC. Besides MU fans will never love him like Chelsea fans, & can never match his records in Chelsea for them. Why turn against the only group of fans that love you in the UK is beyond me? Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeew!!!

  • Do you really take that as an insult? I’ve got a pretty strong command of English… It seems to me, if I’m reading between the lines, that Mourinho is building in his excuse for losing. He’s actually paying respect. Defending with 11 players means that every player does the job – not that they play with 11 men behind the ball. Objective in counter attack? Again, what part of that is condescending? To be objective means that you have a singularity of focus – any eye on the goal, if you will. And individuals out the context of the game that can also resolve the problems… Well, every team has problems. It’s been pretty damned hard to point at Chelsea this season, and say, “that team has a problem”. Which is exactly why his comment cannot be construed as a bash. Maybe you see it differently. Any one of those statements taken out of context, and presented on their own, may be problematic. However, I didn’t find this PARTICULAR interview to be disrespectful. On the contrary, he sounds like he’s worried!

  • If the “individual player out of the context of the game that can resolve the problems” that Mourinho speaks of, is the referee – which would be typical Mourinho – well, that’s just typical Mourinho. He’s a bit of a little bitch. But he did that here, too. Even his players lost respect for him, for it. So whatever… He’s nothing, if not consistent!

  • Mourinho then: “For me there is and will always be only one club in this country. That is the one of blue. My heart is blue, and no other place in this country will come close, you mark my words, no other club. The fans here are real fans, better than any other. Chelsea will be always, I say, no matter what, always in my heart. I will never care for another club in the England like I do here at the Stamford Bridge, it is always my true home”.
    – Classic Mourinho at his best.

  • Who can really say? Maybe he meant it, and still believes it today. But his bad behaviour got him fired. Therefore, he’s free to seek employment, elsewhere. Who in their right mind would cut off their nose, to spite their face? I won’t judge him on that, alone…

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