Date: 24th January 2019 at 12:57pm
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With Chelsea set to take on Tottenham Hotspur tonight, in a Carabao Cup semi-final second leg fixture, at Stamford Bridge, we’re wondering whether Maurizio Sarri has lost the plot.

On Saturday evening, after Chelsea produced a poor performance in losing to Arsenal, the boss, in front of the TV cameras, decided the best way forward was to publically criticise his players.

The boss stated that he was angry with his players and that they were a hard bunch to motivate.

My view, here at Vital Chelsea, is that such harsh words should have been kept for the sanctuary of the dressing room, at the Emirates Stadium, or even until Monday morning, at Cobham.

But, with fears that Sarri’s verbal onslaught may have started the onset of player power and something of a revolt, I hoped that things wouldn’t get any worse.

How wrong could I be!

Yesterday, on the eve of the crucial fixture tonight, a fixture that could see Chelsea reach a Wembley final, Sarri has chosen to slate Eden Hazard, the one player in our side who is, on his own, capable of turning a match on his head.

It appears Sarri wasn’t too pleased in a recent interview Eden gave to the media source, France Football and as reported by the BBC, whereby Eden admitted he frustrates managers and probably will continue to do so, with the Belgian quoted as having remarked:

“In my career, I’ve frustrated all my coaches. And with Sarri, once again, I frustrate him. I frustrated Mourinho.

“They think that I need to mark more, do more of this and more of that. And the next coach that I have, I’ll frustrate him as well.”

In response, Sarri is also quoted by the BBC, as remarking:

“Sometimes. I prefer him when he speaks with his feet.

“The potential is higher than the performances, I think. He has to respect, first of all, himself.”

A little uncalled for considering that Hazard has 10 Premier League goals to his name this season whilst also providing another 10 assists for others.

Tonight, when a shrill blast of the referee’s whistle gets the game underway, we’ll get an immediate indication of how Sarri’s recent outbursts have affected the players.

Will, there be an air of resentment or will their professional pride, plus the fact we’re playing Tottenham Hotspur one of our greatest rivals, be enough to spur us on to victory?

Whatever the outcome, I’m probably not alone in thinking that Sarri is treading on dangerous ground, a win tonight and everything may remain rosy but a defeat could well see Sarri’s come under pressure from the supporters.

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  • Stubborn man, no plan B, no rotation, no underperforming players dropped, players played out of position, players unhappy.

    Right now, he only has one task, Champions League,be it top 4 or winning Europa, if he cannot do that, he needs to go .

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