Date: 21st September 2017 at 2:51pm
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News has broken, in the last few minutes, Chelsea have agreed terms with regards to the sale of Diego Costa.

The BBC is reporting that terms have been agreed with Atletico Madrid that would see Diego Costa return from whence he came.

At the moment there are no financial details, relating to the deal, available.

The deal, which will be completed in January, will see Diego Costa, who Chelsea signed from Atletico Madrid in 2014, undertake a medical in the next few days

The move, so we understand, is dependent upon the medical being successful and personal terms also being agreed.

By some strange quirk of fate, Chelsea travel to Madrid, to take on Atletico, next Wednesday in a Champions League group fixture.

Once we come across any further details we`ll update the article.


15 Replies to “He`s Going, Going and Almost Gone”

  • its official, costa returns to Atletico for rumoured fee of around 60m pounds. Yes he got his wish in the end, but I am happy the board did not allow Diego and Atletico to force them into a cheap sale. We pretty much forced Atletico to meet the player valuation. So fair enough, we move on – it means in cash terms, we pretty much nearly bought Morata with Diego’s transfer fees. Will be interesting to see what the club does in the winter transfer window. Up the chels

  • Yes confirmed by the club. The saga is over. Thank goodness. Decent fee as per various reports. Now need to get a result at Atletico.

  • I am just happy for the money. Chelsea should have disclosed the fee. Both ATM and Costa don’t deserve the honour.

  • Bye bye Costa, sadly the overriding memories I have of you are of the pain & grief you caused CFC and its fans. I’m sure if you had one wish it would be for AM to eliminate Chelsea from the CL with you scoring the deciding goal.

  • Atleti have to pay his back wages also, give it up to Marina for this, she held firm and would not be bullied . I cannot even thank this man for his service, he has been a cancerous sore since last Jan. I am just happy he has gone finally.

  • 53 million pounds plus add ons is more than fair considering the situation, his age and lack of playing time. Let’s not kid ourselves. He’s not on the level of the guys going for over 100 and will be 29 by the time he can be registered. Great business seeing as, as others have stated, it nearly pays for morata. Looking at our summer business, plus this deal, we should be applauded for getting in players needed, refusing to pay the astronomical fees some clubs were forced to, getting very good fees for the senior players sold, getting buy back clauses for the young players sold and not blocking the path to our first team for our most promising youngsters with overpriced back ups. I just hope conte realizes asap that Cahill is past his best used by date. He’s like a quality steak left in the fridge too long, once was worth it’s weight…now it’s just old! I say this because he can’t pass out from the back (see the now infamous video of him vs arsenal with Luiz twice directing him yo go forward and play out, only for him to not…all within 14 secs video) and he doesn’t have rudiger like pace and athleticism to cover Alonso. He needs to be a back up. Next year zouma must come back and replace him on the bench behind rudiger, luiz and azpilicueta. Also, how good did Kennedy look? I know it’s vs championship opposition, but he looks great going forward. Ampadu looks ready right now…what a find he is. Reading comments from his old manager and pundits who watched him at Exeter, I’m so excited. Old head on young shoulders bit knows his place to paraphrase. He was so calm and collected!

  • Our future looks bright, totally fell in love with the league cup team, finally we have a generation of youth coming through, as to Cahill lets not forget in 2014 when our ex dropped him, he started crying to the media about his England place and threatening to leave . We see Luis helping the kids like JT used to , never see Cahill acting outside of self preservation .He will be 32 soon, he just cannot compete with Rudigar, Christensen. Luis and Zouma .

  • First on Diego’s transfer – as the Diego transfer conundrum dragged on, I am sure Costa must have realized just how big a club chelsea is and that It is impossible to for him to force the club’s hands. In the end, despite the all the drama stirred up by Costa and his entourage, Chelsea football club got the market value it felt the player was worth. This has given me a huge satisfaction. Re Cahill @Micheal, its obvious his time in the first 11 is limited, and judging by his interviews earlier on in the season, one can sense that he is feeling the pressure of being pushed by younger and perhaps better players. He will most likely see good rotation this year with enough games to make him happy, but its very logical that Zouma will phase him out next year. Zouma has been terrific at Stoke so far and he is only 22!, has everything Cahill has but with a lot more pace. Cahill is a fine player no doubt, but at the end of the day – this is the way football works, when a veteran gets old and the legs start to give way, then a younger player will always take over – Same dynamic played out with an absolute club legend – John Terry, who has now been replaced by Christensen ( a fantastic young player who while still early days, looks like he has got everything to replace JT). This leads to my third point, we do not have to spend ridiculous amount of money on average english talents like the OX and Barkley. If we can successfully integrate just 4 players that is RLC, and Abraham ( in addition to Christensen and Musonda) into the first team squad over the next 3 seasons, for me, the loan system would have been totally vindicated and I will see it as a major success. The major theme being that only the very best (excellent) talents will make it to chelsea first team, the very good talents will likely be sold with a buy back clause, while the others will be sold and still go ahead to have good footballing careers at other clubs. This appears a fantastic strategy to me – while execution has been slow and not smooth, but I think we are getting close. if nothing goes wrong, everything points to the fact that RLC, Musonda, Abraham and Christensen – players that have chelsea in their systems true and true, will form an important part of the club’s future. This is getting me really excited, I hope injuries do not derail the plan and it actually happens. I just have to add this, I always doubted if RLC had what it takes to play at chelsea, he already gave me a firm answer with his performance so far at Crystal palace – Fantastic talent waiting to be unleashed – at the moment, he looks fitter, full of energy and very hungry. The future is blue my friends, it really is.

  • i see RLC as the new Josh McEachran and unless he seriously bucks his ideas up will no doubt go in the same direction

  • Now the lame media will have to find something else to try derail the Don at press conferences, good business from Chelsea and we keep rolling on BLUES STYLE!!

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