Date: 18th June 2017 at 4:02pm
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The recent revelation coming out of Spain relating to Cristiano Ronaldo, could signal the start of the biggest transfer story of the summer.

The Portuguese player, who is set to win the Ballon d`Or, for a fifth time, has stated that he wants out of not only Real Madrid but also Spain.

Having fallen foul of the tax authorities over tax fraud, with a sum of £12.9 million being mentioned, associated with revenue from image rights, the Portuguese forward has decided a move away from Spain is what he desires.

Naturally, his former club, Manchester United are being discussed as a possible destination, as are Paris Saint-Germain.

There is also the suggestion being bandied out by the press that Real Madrid, in a desperate bid to hang on to their superstar, are willing to pay Ronaldo`s tax bill if he is found guilty of tax evasion.

But, if Ronaldo is keen on getting out of Spain this summer, how do the Vital Chelsea membership feel about landing the superstar?

Real Madrid have a huge release clause in the contract of the 32-year-old but it is believed that a fee of £175 million would secure a deal.

But any such move for the player leaves so many questions to be answered:

1 – Would he be interested in a move to the best city in the world?

2 – At 32-years-of-age is he too old to command such a fee?

3 – Could Chelsea fight off the attraction Old Trafford holds for Ronaldo?

Just three obvious questions.

But a huge positive to such a deal would be the huge influx of commercial revenue associated with CR7.

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18 Replies to “How About Ronaldo to Chelsea?”

  • I think its all Ronaldo’s agent trying to force Real to pay his fine. Never happening. Not worth it anyway. I noticed whenever there are contract talks with any of the major players, their agents tend to drop Chelsea name in there.

  • I think we need to sign 2 high end strikers. With Costa gone. I hope Bellotti and Morota or Lukaku and combination of the 3. Thats priority.

  • At 32 Ronaldo is all but finished. He’s not worth more than £20 even he still plays at the top level.

  • Saying Hazard is ten times better is an opinion coming from a biased mind. Hazard would do well to achieve half of what Ronaldo has achieved in his career. That said, I don’t see Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid, and if he will ever return to England, we all know where his loyalty is.

  • I wonder how many more years he can push at an elite level with a position changes to Striker or maybe number 10. But not for that price regardless.

  • Youre having a laugh aren’t ya? Cant see it.
    I’d reather us get 2 top strikers from : Rom/Morata/Sanchez/Bellotti. Stick Eden with 2 of those with some speed supporting them from Sandro/Moses or his upgrade/Bakayoko/James and we would be on fire.

  • Rondalo’s agent is Jorge Mendes Faara, the same man who engineered the Costa meltdown and Mourinho’s manager and bestie, now why would Ronaldo even come here ? with all that back story, besides he is 32 lets those mugs up North pay his 350 fee.

  • I read a report, probably fake news, where Roman would be willing to swap hazard for Ronardo , now would I want that? no chance,not being biased Jerry O, I believe Hazard has more to give to this club than some self obsessed pretty boy,He. Unt kid and he can go there, I don’t want him at this club and I repeat we got our own superstar in Hazard who I think is ten times better for us than Ronardo

  • Arrogant, selfish, self-absorbed and to be honest all wrong for us. It would be an even bigger mistake than Shevchenko. If he was to come it would be a Roman signing not a Conte one and would probably be the end of our manager, please no! He’s like a spoilt little child and I wouldn’t even want him in his prime.

  • I said his agent is trying to force Real Madrid to pay his 13 Million dollar fine. He has no intention of leaving.

  • C. Ronaldo to Chelsea is definitely not happening especially at that preposterous figure for a 32 year old

  • personally I would prefer neymar but wouldnt be unhappy with Ronaldo. Unfortunately I don’t see either happening

  • personally I would prefer neymar but wouldnt be unhappy with Ronaldo. Unfortunately I don’t see either happening

  • We dont need any player who thinks he is greater than the club. Ronaldo will have adverse effect on the team dressing room. We have Hazard to play his position and we are happy with him.

  • Ronaldo is beginning to diminish and considering our club’s policy for players over 30, well I can only see this deal happening in my imagination.

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