Date: 11th February 2013 at 8:08pm
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Life is tough at the moment.

In the workplace where I earn my corn, I`m surrounded by supporters of several other clubs, but there does seem to be more Spurs fans than those of other clubs.

And boy do they know how to gloat.

You see, although we`re the reigning Champions of Europe, something they can only dream about, they`re giving me major grief.

They`re not letting go of the fact that our failure to qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League has left them able to gloat.

Not a moment passes when they don`t fail to remind that this week, whilst Europe`s finest compete in the last sixteen stage, we`re lumbered with having to play on Thursday night, in the Europa League.

How the mighty have fallen they snidely comment!

And it does grate, there`s no doubt about it. Our failure to qualify has hit us hard, midweek European football will never be the same; it feels as if I`ve lost my right arm.

But, before we get all remorseful, is there salvation at the end of this forlorn tunnel?

Can we actually win the damn thing?

Can we silence those jibes from N17?

But wouldn`t it be a wonderful scenario if the draw kept us apart and we were to meet Spurs, in Amsterdam, in the final?

Bring it on is what I say!