Date: 18th November 2012 at 12:19pm
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After our game against West Brom, all Chelsea fans can’t wait for January for us to get another striker.

Yes, I can’t wait either but if I have my way, I would sign two strikers and throw Torres through the exit door. The truth is Torres doesn’t make an impact in a game, so it doesn’t make any difference if he is a second or a first choice striker.

A player that can’t make the difference in a game of 90 minutes, will that striker make any difference when he is brought into a game with 15 minutes to go?

The truth is Torres is not of any use anymore!

Sturridge gets into the right position but his finishing is poor and that’s poor for a striker.

My way would be get Falcao and then recall Lukaku, but on a second thought, Lukaku is doing well but not yet a finish product, it would be great for him to finish his season at West Brom so he can play more games and be a better player.

But the truth is I am so fed up with Torres, I just hope we get him off our pay roll urgently.

Wait! I just remembered something! The Pazzini-Cassano swap deal, we can actually pay £5-10m plus Torres for either of Jovetic, Pato or Lewandowski, tempting I must say.

But the issue is by the end of January, it would be great if we sign Falcao and recall Lukaku or sign Falcao and include Torres in any swap deal like that of Pazzini and Cassano, so we can have two deadly strikers.

I would go with any of Falcao and recalling Lukaku or 2 deadly strikers (Falcao and the Torres swap deal), but Torres is finished at Chelsea, he should be kicked out, he shouldn’t be wearing blue come next season.

I wish us good luck against Juventus and I also hope we are in the title race come January before we get a striker(s) to lead us all the way!